Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is surrounded by administration officials and lawmakers as he signs the health care cost control bill in 2012 after failing to fix  cost exploding  Romneycare.

 Much has been written and said about Obamacare, but nothing like what you're about to read here. Not that I'm the first to say it. But this story has been so underreported that you probably haven't heard it-even on anti-Obamacare Fox. I'll get to the point: In the 2012 election Barack Obama and Mitt Romney ran their campaigns on the notion that Romneycare (the model and prototype for Obamacare) was a smashing success in Massachusetts, with Obama claiming that his healthcare bill would be the nationalization of this success, and that everyone would benefit from it as were the good citizens of Massachusetts from Romneycare (what's good for Massachusetts is good for America); whereas Romney claimed that what was good for Massachusetts wasn't necessarily so for other states; and that each state should be free to decide its own healthcare system according to its needs-a more common sense and Constitutional approach.

 Truth is, however, BOTH MEN DELIBERATELY LIED. By Election Day November 6th Romneycare was no more, existing only in name alone. For on August 6th (just prior to the Republican National Convention) Romneycare was REPEALED and REPLACED by Governor Patrick and state Democrats. What did they replace it with? A Cost Containment Bill. Why? To contain the explosion in healthcare costs triggered by Romneycare across the state. What was promised by Romney when he signed his bill into law: the dramatic bending of the healthcare cost curve with huge savings for the consumer, industry and state, completely failed. Contrary to expectations based on studies done by experts and analysts health insurance premiums were rising faster than inflation (the highest in the nation) as were costs for medical treatment by doctors and hospitals. This created a growing cost crisis with voters who demanded action. After failing three times to fix Romneycare Patrick and the Dems gave up and imposed price controls on the system (a reversion to Dukakiscare which Romneycare replaced) to keep prices at bay with healthcare costs rising in sync with the growth of the Massachusetts' economy. Meaning that if the economy doesn't grow prices and costs would be frozen regardless of thinning profit margins to insurers and hospitals. Or in times of economic distress costs or services would have to be scaled back by rationing and scarcity causing long waiting lines to see doctors or get treatment in hospitals. This is what happened under Dukakiscare which was the reason for Romney's reform.  

  Laughably billed as "Romneycare's second phase" Gov. Patrick boasted that his new law (not Romneycare) should "provide a model for a nation trying to stem the spiraling costs of healthcare (see)." In other words, Patrickcare would succeed where Romneycare miserably failed and where Obamacare following Romneycare would fail the nation-as it's doing now for similar reasons given here by the CATO Institute. Moreover,  far from containing costs as promised by Patrick Massachusettsans are predictably paying more under Patrickcare and getting less quality and access than ever before (see).

 In retrospect, if Romney had been honest about his healthcare law admitting to its failure and warning that it prefigured the failure of Obamacare nationally, and that the voters needed to elect him to kill Obamacare and prevent it from damaging the economy and healthcare system as it was doing to Massachusetts, it would have (to say the least) improved his chances of winning the election.
It just came to my attention that in May 2014 Politico ironically reported that "Romneycare" was such a disaster for Massachusetts that Governor Patrick and the Dems completely scraped it and merged the state with Obamacare. Actaully, as I wrote above, Patrick already ditched Romenycare in 2012 and replaced it with Dukakis era price controls to hold down soaring costs. Just as Romneycare failed so did its repeal and replacement: Patrick's Cost Containment Bill. In other words, what was scraped in 2014 wasn't Romneycare but its failed replacement Patrickcare. More proof that cost controls don't work in trying to fix dysfunctional health care systems, and anything else.
But look what happened after Massachusetts joined an Obamacare exchange:
They were still not able to hold down healthcare spending and insurance costs. This is not surprising. If Romneycare (Obamacare's prototype) wasn't the solution to holding down spending and costs why would Obamacare be any different? And it wasn't.
Mass. Governor Signs Health Care Cost-Containment Bill - Kaiser Health News

Massachusetts Health Stats: Leftists Fantasize Romneycare As A Success To Defend Obamacare

Massachusetts, the model for Obamacare, has highest health costs in the United States | - keep in mind this article is really about Patrickcare, not Romneycare.

A Boston Globe article about the failure of Gov. Patrick's price controls to hold down healthcare costs.




  1. Sonuvabitch! Romney blew it. He really blew it. He might have beat Obama if he’d been truthful about his healthcare law.

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  2. RomneyCARE and ObamaCARE are NOT about delivering
    excellent medical and surgical care.

    They are about DENYING it, taxing it, Feeing it,
    controlling it, and raising minimums and copays.

    And they both flopped.

  3. “Underreported” is an understatement. RomenyCare was repealed 18 months ago, and neither I nor any of my Conservative friends know about it. How is that possible?

  4. I knew people had complained about Romney care, and wondered why Obama would use it as an example. I had no idea that it had become so bad that it was repealed, and that Romney knew it!! I did wonder why Romney didn’t say it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and am now really very, very disappointed in him since it was much worse than we knew, and evidently his ego was so big that he let the election be lost rather than admit it to the public.

  5. Romneycare was more expensive than predicted right out of the gate.

    Truly a model for Obamacare, yet the libs ignore the lessons learned there.

  6. Yes! Absolutely! The most under-reported story on Obamacare. Because Obamacare like Romneycare can’t be fixed like the later it needs to be repealed and replaced.

  7. Thank you Apollo for telling the truth about Romneycare’s failure in Massachusetts. Romneycare or Obamacare, the goal is the same. Single payer socialized medical care not only for Americans, but for every person who can get to America to receive it. Our hospital emergency rooms are being bankrupted, our teaching hospitals are being bankrupted, and our people are being bankrupted by the single payer system we now have. When it truly is just the 53% taxpayers funding the bills without all the companies funding a portion of their employees insurance, we are really going to find our deficits exploding. Welcome to socialism, the ones left working will each have to carry at least one parasyte on his/her back.

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