In the debate about climate change, and to advance their hysterical socialist agenda against fossil fuel powered industrial capitalism, AGW extremists like Al Gore, Bill Nye, Michael Mann, Jim Hansen and Stephen Hawking (who warns that Trump if not stopped will turn Earth into a hellish Venus) link without evidence the intensity and behavior of cyclones and hurricanes like Harvey and Irma to human CO2 emissions and global warming. But what they conveniently ignore and don't want the public to know is the truth about hurricanes and cyclones during periods of global cooling and semi-ice age conditions. That from the Little Ice Age of the 16th to the mid 19th century (which was very cold and global in scope with the oceans losing vast amounts of heat see) to the periods of 1880 -1910 and 1940-1975 (see) when rising global temperatures went into reverse and cooled, some of the most destructive hurricanes and cyclones in human history took place.  
Indeed, to start with, of the top ten deadliest storms known to man half happened during periods of global cooling. These five GLOBAL COOLING DISASTERS are as follows:
1.The Bhola Cyclone (the very worst ever), which hit East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) with Category 4 winds killing a staggering 500,000 people, occurred in 1970 - 30 years into the mid-20th century's 35 year cooling period (see).
2. The Haiphong Typhoon which hit Vietnam in 1881 and killed 300,000 people occurred 2 years into the 1880 - 1910 30 year cooling period (see).
3. The Calcutta Cyclone of 1737 which killed an estimated 300,000 people occurred 113 years before the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850 (see).
4. The Great Indian Cyclone of 1839 which also killed an estimated 300,000 people occurred 11 years before the end of the Little Ice Age (see).
5. Typhoon Nina of 1975 (the 4th deadliest tropical cyclone on record) which landed on mainland China and Taiwan  killing 229,000 people, occurred at the very end of the mid-20th century's global cooling period (see).
Similarly, of the top 12 deadliest hurricanes to hit the continental United States five occurred during periods of global cooling. These are as follows:
1. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (the deadliest in US history) which killed up to 12,000 people, occurred 20 years into the 1880 - 1910 30 year cooling period (see).
2. Hurricane Audrey of 1957 (the 6th deadliest storm in US history) hit the Texas/Louisiana border killing 416 17 years into the mid 20th century's global cooling period (see) .
3. The Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 (a Cat 4 and the 7th deadliest storm in US history) made landfall in Virginia and worked its way up the East Coast hitting Long Island and Rhode Island killing between 300-400 people. This disaster occurred four years into the mid 20th century's global warming period (see).
4. Hurricane Camille of 1968 (a Cat 5 and the 8th worst storm in US history) hit the Mississippi region killing 256  29 years into the 35 year mid-century global cooling period (see).
5. Hurricane Agnes of 1972 (the 11th worst storm in US history) hit Pennsylvania killing 122 people 3 years before the end of the mid-20th century global cooling period (see).
But there's more, much more. Below is a list of 26 devastating hurricanes - 20 of which occurred during the Little Ice Age (over a period of 300 years) - that hit the US mainland, the Caribbean region and Central America each killing at least 1000 people:  

List of deadliest Atlantic hurricanes - Wikipedia (see)

Pre-HURDAT era


Hurricanes reported to have caused possibly or known over a thousand deaths of more. Please note that the number of deaths in some places are located in the "areas affected" column..


NameDates activeAreas affectedDeathsRefs
Straits of FloridaSeptember 5 16221,090
Cuba and FloridaOctober 16441,500
Martinique and GuadeloupAugust 14-15 16662,000
BarbadosSeptember 27 16941,000+
BahamasJuly 31 1715Bahamas, Florida Treasure Coast Hurricane of 17151,000– 2,500
MartiniqueAugust 5-7 17671,600
HavanaOctober 15 176843– 1,000
NewfoundlandAugust 29– September 9, 1775North Carolina, Virginia, Newfoundland4,000 – 4,163
Pointe-à-Pitre BaySeptember 5 17766,000+
The St. Lucia Hurricane of 1780June 13 1780Puerto Rico St. Lucia4,000-5,000
The Savanna-la-Mar Hurricane of 1780October 1-5 17803,000
San CalixtoOctober 9–20, 1780Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Bermuda27,501+
Solano's HurricaneOctober 18-21 1780Gulf of Mexico2,000
Florida1781                                    2,000+
Central Atlantic Hurricane of 1782September 16 1782destroyed Admiral Thomas Graves fleet3,000+
Great Cuba Hurricane of 1791June 21-22 17913,000
Martinique and DominicaAugust 25 18133,000+
Hurricane Santa Ana of 1825July 26-27 1825Caribbean and Puerto Rico1,300+
Great Caribbean-Louisiana Hurricane of 1831August 10-17Barbados, St. Vincent, Haiti, Cuba Louisiana2,500 
Sea Islands August 15 – September 2, 1893 Category 3 hurricane 120 mph (195 km/h) 954 hPa (28.17 inHg) Georgia, South Carolina $1 million* 1,000–2,000 deaths.
Chenier Caminanda September 27 – October 5, 1893 Category 4 hurricane 135 mph (215 km/h) 948 hPa (27.99 inHg) Yucatán Peninsula, Louisiana, Mississippi $5 million* 1,000–2,000 deaths.
San Ciriaco August 3 – September 4, 1899 Category 4 hurricane 150 mph (240 km/h) 930 hPa (27.46 inHg) Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Eastern United States $20 million* 3,433 deaths.
Monterrey August 20–28, 1909 Category 3 hurricane 120 mph (195 km/h) 955 hPa (28.20 inHg) Greater Antilles, Mexico $50 million* 4000 deaths.
Flora September 26 – October 12, 1963 Category 4 hurricane 145 mph (230 km/h) 940 hPa (27.76 inHg) The Caribbean, Florida $529 million* 7,193 deaths. 
Fifi-Orlene September 14–24, 1974 Category 2 hurricane 110 mph (180 km/h) 971 hPa (28.67 inHg) Jamaica, Central America, Mexico $1.8 billion* 8,000 deaths.
*The damages costs listed aren't adjusted for inflation.
But I'm not done. Below is a list compiled by the Weather Underground of the 35 (actually 37) deadliest tropical cyclones in recorded history. You will notice that 20 of the 37 (55%) occurred during periods of global cooling.

The 35 Deadliest Tropical Cyclones in World History

RankName / Areas of Largest LossYearOcean AreaDeaths
1.Great Bhola Cyclone, Bangladesh1970 (Nov 12)Bay of Bengal500,000
2.Hooghly River Cyclone, India and Bangladesh1737Bay of Bengal300,000
3.Haiphong Typhoon, Vietnam1881West Pacific300,000
4.Coringa, India1839Bay of Bengal300,000
5.Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh1584Bay of Bengal200,000
6.Great Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh1876Bay of Bengal200,000
7.Chittagong, Bangladesh1897Bay of Bengal175,000
8.Super Typhoon Nina, China1975 (Aug 5)West Pacific171,000
9.Cyclone 02B, Bangladesh1991 (May 5)Bay of Bengal138,866
10.Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar2008 (May 3)Bay of Bengal138,366
11.Swatlow, China1922 (Jul 27)West Pacific100,000
12.Great Bombay Cyclone, India1882Arabian Sea100,000
13.Hakata Bay Typhoon, Japan1281West Pacific65,000
14.Bangladesh1942 (Oct 14)Bay of Bengal61,000
15.India1935Bay of Bengal60,000
16.Calcutta, India1864Bay of Bengal60,000
17.Barisal, Bangladesh1822Bay of Bengal50,000
18.Sunderbans coast, Bangladesh1699Bay of Bengal50,000
19.India1833Bay of Bengal50,000
20.India1854Bay of Bengal50,000
21.Wenchou, China1912 (Aug)West Pacific50,000
22.Bengal Cyclone, Calcutta, India1942Bay of Bengal40,000
23.Bangladesh1912Bay of Bengal40,000
24.Bangladesh1919Bay of Bengal40,000
25.Canton, China1862West Pacific37,000
26.Bangladesh1965 (May 11)Bay of Bengal36,000
27.Backerganj (Barisal), Bangladesh1767Bay of Bengal30,000
28.Barisal, Bangladesh1831Bay of Bengal22,000
29.Great Hurricane, Lesser Antilles Islands1780Atlantic22,000
30.Chittagong, Bangladesh1963 (May 28)Bay of Bengal22,000
31.Great Coringa Cyclone, India1789Bay of Bengal20,000
32.Nagasaki Typhoon, Japan1828Western Pacific15,000
33.Urir, Bangladesh1985 (May 28)Bay of Bengal15,000
 tr33.Tacloban, PhilippinesNovember 1912Western Pacific15,000
35.Devi Taluk, SE India1977 (Nov 12)Bay of Bengal14,204
36.Bangladesh1965 (May 31)Bay of Bengal12,047
So what are we to conclude from the evidence of so many terribly destructive cyclones and hurricanes during little ice ages and periods of falling global temperatures? That hurricanes now are not stronger than in the past. And that those who differ saying that hurricanes Harvey and Irma are "unprecedented," that they are "what man-caused climate change looks like," and that much, much worse is coming if we don't wisen up (and spend trillions to transition to a green energy future) are speaking utter nonsense making fools of themselves and a mockery of science.

Extremely Intense Hurricanes: Revisiting Webster et al. (2005) after 10 Years: Journal of Climate: Vol 28, No 19 



  1. Mother Nature will continue to manage our planet ecosystem as she has for eternity, regardless of what the climate warriors think or say.

  2. I will tell you what a huurrican was like during WW2.

    I was aboard a merchant ship in a convoy of over 100 ships plus some Navy ships for protection.
    Twenty five of us were Navy Armed Guards.

    The seas had waves as high as 70 to 90 feet. For 3 days we had to tie ourselves to our bunks just to lie down with no thought of sleeping. We had no meals not even coffee.

    The ship would hit one of those high swells and literally push the ship out of the water then hang for a few seconds and crash in the sea with several bangs that sounded like the ship would fall apart. The rolling from port to starboard was equally scary that we would tip over and never right itself. We finally reached port (1944) of Boston.
    Then the hurricane slammed the city while we were docking.

    There were no atheist in our cabin.

  3. Lesson for today:

    1. The sun is 1,300,000 times as big as the earth.
    2. The sun is a giant nuclear furnace that controls the climates of all its planets.
    3. The earth is one of the sun’s planets.
    4. The earth is a speck in comparison to the size of the sun.
    5. Inhabitants of the earth are less than specks.

    Study Question: How do less-than-specks in congress plan to control the sun?

  4. My pet peeve about this hurricane was the continual repetition of the “strongest Atlantic hurricane ever measured” mantra. We actually haven’t been able to effectively and accurately measure the power of open-ocean hurricanes until fairly recently, due to the range limits of our hurricane-hunter aircraft and Doppler radar.

  5. When there are no hurricanes for a long stretch, no one asks any questions. No one blames it on “global warming” or on Trump.

    It is an irregular, unpredictable natural phenomenon. Like when the gambler gets 3 of a number in a row. Means nothing. There were 3 in a row this year. Means nothing.

  6. I was thinking of making a patch for my clothing with a hurricane with a big “D” for denial:

    I deny that hurricanes are man-made.

  7. Godzilla is Coming !! Run for the Hills…Run for the Hills !! ‘
    This INANE crap has been going on for a Century.

    2009 – Al Gore – ‘Ice Cap will Disappear by 2014’ –
    1988-2001 – The Left’s ‘Father’ of climate -Hansen- ‘Manhattan Under Water by 2008’ -https://realclimatescience….
    2013 – ‘Arctic Sea Ice Will Vanish in 2013’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2009 – Obama – ‘Fire Pollution into Stratosphere to End Global Warming’ -…
    2009 – Email – Data Manipulation –… and https://realclimatescience….and… and https://realclimatescience….
    2008 – ‘Arctic Ice Free in 5 to 10 Years’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2008 – ‘Polar Ice Cap May Disappear this Summer’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2008 – ‘Nearly Ice Free by 2012’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2007 – ‘Arctic Ice Free by 2012’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2007 – ‘Arctic Ice Free by 2013’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2007 – NASA – ‘Arctic Nearly Ice Free by 2012’ – https://realclimatescience….
    2000 – ‘North Pole is Now Liquid’ – https://realclimatescience….
    1986 – ‘Father’ Hansen -‘By 2020 Temperatures Will Have Increased by 9 Degrees F’ -…
    1978 – NYT – ‘Arctic Ice Cap is GROWing’ – https://timesmachine.nytime… andhttps://realclimatescience….
    1978 – NYT – ‘No End in Sight to COOLing Trend’ –
    1977 – ‘Flood Threat from Polar Ice’ – http://archives.chicagotrib
    1976 – ‘CIA Warns Global COOLing a Serious Threat’ –… andhttps://realclimatescience….
    1974 – ‘Crop Losses- Death by Starvation for Millions’ –… andhttps://realclimatescience….
    1974 – ‘Melt the Arctic with Black Soot to Stop Global COOLing’ -… and https://realclimatescience….
    1974 – ‘Global COOLing Causes Drought, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes’ -http://archives.chicagotrib…
    1974 – ‘New Ice Age to Begin Soon’ –
    1972 – ‘COLDer For the Next Two Centuries’ –
    1972 – ‘Ice Free Arctic by 2000’ – https://realclimatescience….
    1972 – ‘New Ice Age Coming’ – http://archive.nationalgeog… and https://realclimatescience….
    1971 – NASA – ‘Greenhouse Effect Not Possible’ – http://vademecum.brandenber… andhttps://realclimatescience….
    1969 – ‘North Pole an Open Sea by 1990’ – https://realclimatescience….
    1961 – NYT – ‘Scientists Agree World is COLDer’ – https://timesmachine.nytime… andhttps://realclimatescience….
    1958 – ‘No Ice – Ships Will Sail over North Pole’ – https://realclimatescience….
    1955 – ‘Sea Level Will Rise 100 Feet’ –
    1952 – ‘Ice Caps Melting – Will Swamp Seaports’ –
    1947 – ‘Oceans Will Rise to Catastrophic Proportions’ –
    1940 – ‘North Pole Getting Warmer’ –
    1935 – NYT – ‘Glaciers Melting Faster than Ever’ – https://timesmachine.nytime
    1932 – ‘Glaciers are Shrinking’ –
    1923 – ‘North Pole Going to Melt Entirely?’ – https://realclimatescience….
    1922 – ‘Glaciers Disappear’ –
    1903 – ‘Glaciers Disappearing 50 Feet Per Day’ –

    …and on and on a

  8. If fossil fuels are used until they have run out, there will be no more. What will humans in the future do for fuel? If CO2 continues to increase, it will reach a point where there is a damaging level. In theory the human population should continue but if the fuel runs out and the air is polluted….

  9. Out of the park grand slam Apollo. There have been hundreds of millions of hurricanes on planet earth. To assume that after a few hundred years of documented observation we have seen the worst of the worst is about as ignorant as a human can be.

    Anyone with any common sense knows we do not have enough data points to accurately predict if this a high number, low number, or average number over thousands of years.

    The Left Wing Fanatics are so narrow minded that they base hundreds of millions of years on less than two hundred years of empirical data . Only after humans have collected empirical hurricane data for over a 1000 year period will they be able to plot a reliable trend for the next 10,000 years.

    Very little science and a lot of political fanaticism that’s what CAGW is all about.

  10. Neither Harvey or Irma weren’t the most powerful hurricanes to hit the US like leftist warmunuts are saying. Indeed, one was #8 while the other was #17 historically speaking. Liars all of them.

  11. The IPCC has carefully examined the issue and available record thus far on the hurricane/typhoons/extreme cyclonic events relative to climate change (global warming). If you “stick” with that body’s scientists you would then agree with their “conclusion” that at this point not much impact showing either way in climate model projections — perhaps some possibility going forward of more extreme events but fewer of them, so not clear overall what impact will be. The historical record thus far (going back as far as latter part of the 19th Century, which is generally regarded as the “baseline” reference point for CO2 build-up over pre-industrial atmospheric concentrations of about 280 ppm) points to no trend either way in either overall hurricane events, frequency of landfalls, number of major hurricanes/typhoons (Cat 3 and higher on Saffir-Simpson scale), intensity of cyclonic systems measured by central pressure, other sustained wind-speed metric like ACE = Accumulated Cyclonic Energy, or HSI = Hurricane Severity Index (latter more comprehensively takes account of sustained wind-speed and system size but as measured event time series unfortunately does not extend nearly as far back as the other measures). At this point anyone asserting that Harvey and/or Irma provides compelling evidence of some connection between warming climate and cyclone system intensity is more or less pulling it all out from their backside, so to speak.

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