And if on this very special day I were to stab Putin to death with a dagger would it be my knife that killed him?  No. If I were to run him over and kill him with my Hummer would it be my truck that killed him? No. If I were to beat Putin to death with a baseball bat would it be my bat that killed him? No. If I were to pistol whip him to death with the butt of my Glock would it be my gun that killed him? No.


But if I shot Putin to death with my gun would it be the gun that killed him? "Yes," say liberals. And if I happen to be member of the NRA and the gun was manufactured by Smith & Wesson are they morally (if not criminally) complicit in Putin's death along with the bullet maker? "Yes," say liberals. The NRA, Smith & Wesson and the bullet maker must be punished for the crime. Go figure.

Anyway, happy 65th birthday Vlad; and may someone shoot your brains out for all the chaos and confusion you caused in this country.



And once again this weakest and worst president ever, and worse shot in the world (who misses Putin, Assad and ISIS each time he takes aim), is misfiring his anti-gun assault weapon hitting everything but the target. Why does he keep missing again and again and again? Is it due to poor vision? Or to a very shaky hand? No. Far from it. He fails and fails and fails because like catastrophic climate change too few people are listening .
Though roughly 40 percent of 320 million Americans legally own an astounding 300 million guns (which is why Japan was scared to invade our country during the war) the vast, vast majority of the public have not known or ever will know gun violence in their lives. Indeed, there are just not enough deranged, gun packing mass murderers in society breaking into schools, churches and work places killing innocent Americans in droves. And because the vast, overwhelming majority of our citizens are safe from gun crimes "gun control," as poll after poll show, is a minor issue of very little importance to them. Call them stupid, apathetic, inane and every name in the book. They're just not scared that there are millions upon millions of guns out there, and zillions of rounds of ammo, because most of that 99% is owned by law-abiding citizens like themselves who wouldn't harm a fly.
Indeed, anti-gun nuts who insanely demonize guns as the most evil of human inventions (apart from the combustion engine), and gun owners as mentally ill (see), and use such emotionally charged terms as "epidemic" to describe what  rarely occurs in much of the country, are simply ignored by most Americans. Because most have only been targets of water guns as kids and other toy weapons they don't feel the phony, fanatical urgency of anti-gun alarmists (from the president on down) that a bullet is coming their way if we don't clamp down on guns.
                                                       Would Be No Anti-Gun-Nuts
Where gun violence is epidemic and occurs day to day with people crapping in their pants scared for the lives of their families and friends is in our liberal welfare devastated inner cities where violent criminals, gangs and drug abuse abound and too few Americans live (see). As with climate change crazies, anti-gun nuts lack a message that resonates with most Americans: those living in suburbia or good urban areas or in the country. They are uselessly trying to alarm ordinary decent citizens who with good reason wake up each morning without fear that someone is going to randomly kill them or a loved one  with a gun. Nuts like Obama blame their failure to frighten Americans into gun control hysteria on a vast right-wing pro-gun conspiracy: the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox, Levin, or other pro-second amendment patriots. The relative rarity of criminal gun violence and death is ignored by the left. It's an inconvenient truth they can't politicize and use; so they need scapegoats to blame for the failure and ineffectiveness of their cause.
Take someone like me for example who's been around a good many years. Apart from a father who was a New York transit cop for 25 years and was once shot at by a thug (who missed him thank God) none of my sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends or neighbors have ever been victims of gun violence. NOT ONE! And my experience isn't unique as it's shared by most Americans.  Way too few of us and those we love and know are being shot to death or injured on our safe city streets, or in our schools, work places, shopping malls and homes. That America is like the Old Wild West is an ideological myth of the left. And that's why Obama and the anti-gun nuts keep firing at guns and missing the mark wasting their time and  instead hitting themselves in the
Below you will notice that in Pew's 23 top public policy priorities Gun Control isn't even listed. In other words, Gun Control is pretty much a non issue with the American people for the reasons stated above.

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015



  1. Is this nuts? Or is this nuts?

    The Cancer in the Constitution – The New York Times

    One of the great disconnects of our history is how a nation birthed on the premise that all men are created equal could enshrine an entire race of people as three-fifths of a human being. We tried to fix that, through our bloodiest war and a series of amendments that followed.

    Not so with guns. The Second Amendment, as applied in the last 30 years or so, has become so perverted, twisted and misused that you have to see it now as the second original sin in the founding of this country, after slavery.

    It wasn’t meant to be the instrument for the worst kind of American exceptionalism — setting up the United States as the most violent of developed nations. But it is now. The more we stand out for random mass killings daily, the more the leading cause becomes clear: the warped interpretation of the freedom to own lethal weaponry.

      1. NYT versus Liberty.

        Maybe it’s time to think about America’s domestic enemies and start treating them accordingly.

    1. I wonder that they have never considered the second amendment is to protect us from our government? The fact it also protects us from each other is incidental.

      1. (major facepalm)

        Of course this little dicktator wannabe doesn’t get it. It’s to protect us from UN-Constitutional power grabs like this leftist movement, this little tyrant author and the NY Times, believe so much in and crave.

    2. My God! The living breathing Constitution has been a cancer victim for 200 years? How did it survive this long without treatment? What’s its secret?

    3. The CANCERS of overreaching Fed power, the ignoring of the 10th Amendment, the rationalization of discrimination against whites and males in the name of “diversity” The failure of Big Brother to protect borders and sovereignty, letting illegals, criminals, drugs, weapons into the lower 48.

      So yeah, the Second Amendment is the problem

      Good grief, what ignorant totalitarian bastards.

    4. Anyone writing a screed like this has to have the outlook of a commie dictator, but then this is a NY Slimes guy.

    5. AntiFa scum are out of control (and yes I include the NYT as AntiFa) if they say this about the 2nd amendment just think what they’ll say about the first once the 2nd is gone.

      1. In fact IC they already are – there’s too much speech, political speech needs to be regulated,.

        Dark times for the Republic – but people are waking up.

    6. The amendment itself is not the problem. Yes, it’s vague, poorly worded, lacking nuance. But the intent is clear with the opening clause: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.”
      A lot of people think it was written to protect the Republic from an over zealous government. Like the Demoncrats.

    7. There is a cancer in the Constitution. It started with a single suspect spot, like real cancers. There were many founders who questioned the blank slate the Constitution provided to the Judiciary. Like cancer, this spot grew, and grew… and has involved many lympth nodes, and has metastasized all over the place.

    8. Fake news is the cancer of the Constitution.

      The lie like Trump removed the bust of MLK. Throwing gasoline on a race fire.

  2. Hey Crazy horse–Did you flunk perception in school?.. In any disarmed country –the crime rate is geometrical compared to the USA.. The criminals among us know that if they kick in a door–not their own–they may be about to meet their maker. In Switzerland–it is the law that adults and homes are armed.. How much do we hear about terrorism and crime in Switzerland? The US constitution is almost perfect and it is getting better. Obama would have been another Madura from Venezuela if not for the Constitution.. No other country guarantees the citizens the enumerated rights and denies the politicians legislating things that are not enumerated.. Too bad the democommies are always nibbling around the edges to give away things that are not enumerated in this grand document.

  3. We Americans own 300 million guns.

    And yet, the amount of accidents, mis-use, public display, whatever, is very, very low.

    We are a very patient, low-key, people. Just don’t mess with us.

    We are a simple man.

    Made up by decent, deplorable, bitter clinger rednecks.

    What this world needs is a few more rednecks.

  4. FACT: Violent crime has been decreasing in America for 30+ years. The number of guns in America has been increasing for about the same amount of time.

  5. How many people died from mass shootings last year?

    From car accidents?

    From Roxy overdoses?

    Perc overdoses?

    Heart attacks from the terrible food they ate (that’s gonna be me if i dont change my ways!!)

    So ban prescription pain killers, junk food, cars, hell, ban leaving the house and only allow drinking water and eating tomatoes.

  6. Great post Apollo! You make the point that any penchant toward violence is in the personal character, NOT in the gun, or the knife, or the rock, or the bat, or the bomb, or the fist, or any other object by which violence is committed. Equating guns with violence is stupidity.

  7. If the Redcoats in Boston in 1775 had been armed with M16s, the Second Amendment would mandate that every American must own two of them.

    1. Well said. Imagine a future where the U.S. government. is dominated by people like the Antifa professor who was recorded hitting people with a bicycle lock on a chain during a Berkeley protest. To prevent such things from happening, or to defend ourselves if it does, is why the 2nd amendment was written.

      1. Good post AS. The future looks challenging enough as it is without having to face it unarmed. Here in Kalifornia we have already been assured that evil assault rifles will be eliminated by outlawing pistol grips, collapsible stocks, and flash suppressors. Now they want to outlaw what is actually just a spring-mounted butt plate on a rifle.

      2. The Second Amendment protects me/us against people like the NYT Author of this slander from taking over the Republic.

  8. 1st Amendment – Colleges are now protesting against free speech.
    2nd Amendment – Democrats & NYT says eliminate gun rights.
    3rd Amendment – So far, we’re safe from housing soldiers.
    4th Amendment – Civil forfeture without a conviction is already OK in many states.
    5th Amendment – Doesn’t apply in Grand Jury hearings. Too bad.
    6th Amendment – So far, OK.
    7th Amendment – .not sure
    8th Amendment – not sure
    9th Amendment – not sure
    10th Amendment – Nullified by the Supreme Court.

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