In her interview with Frank Gaffney on Obama's stupendous erroneous canceling of Eastern Europe's missile defense shield Monica Crowley asked her guest if he agreed that "all roads to evil in today's world lead back to Russia." Agreeing with his host Gaffney added "as the US is the Arsenal of Democracy for the world" Putin's Russia was the opposite: "the Arsenal of Tyranny." I couldn't agree more. Since Putin became master of Moscow Russia has risen from the ashes of the Soviet Evil Empire, the empire Putin's hell bent on patriotically restoring, as America's chief geo-strategic adversary. While supporting Iran's radical plans for regional and nuclear hegemony, and Venezuela's push to dominate Latin America, Putin, with Obama's help, is undermining the NATO alliance and America's Global War on Terror (GWOT).

Though President Bush had hoped that Putin would be America's partner in the GWOT this cunning anti-American devil is working against us 24/7 supporting to the hilt our most powerful jihdist foe: the Islamo-fascist terror masters of Tehran-the central funding source and arms suppliers of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Sadr, the Taliban and, when it suits their goals, Osama bin Ladin's al Qaida*. In fact Hamid Mir, the last journalist to interview bin Ladin, was told by a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry** that "Russia was covertly supporting the Taliban with intelligence and weaponry in revenge for US support of the Mujahideen in the Russian-Afghan War (see)." This allegation is not far-fetched despite the Taliban's one time support of anti-Russian Moslem rebels in Chechnya***. Moreover, Putin's neo-Soviet KBG regime has suspected ties to Ayman al-Zawahiri and al-Qaida (see)Could it be as some believe (as I believe) that the Kremlin is the epicenter of world terrorism**** continuing the Soviet Union's Cold War against America and the West by other means? I'm convinced that it is; and convinced that Obama will curse the day he tried to cozy up to Moscow.

* According to Michael Ledeen Abu al-Zarqawi operated a European terrorist network out of Tehran for many years. **September 2005 ***As the Russians have apparently ceased counter-insurgency operations in Chechnya could it be that they bought off the Taliban?

****This view was held by the courageous Alexander Litvinenko the dissent Russian state security officer who was killed by polonium poisoning in London by Vladimir Putin's agents. His death should have served as a warning about Putin's ties to Islamic terrorists and just how treacherous and evil he is.

"Indeed, "all paths to evil lead to Russia" our most ruthless, deadliest and most deceptive foe whose world prestige received a dangerous boost when our blind, incompetent, butt-kissing president bowed to Putin betraying NATO and Eastern Europe by shredding the missile shield agreement-done in the name of national defense and strengthening the security of the Free World. Amazingly, and significantly as a likely sign of things to come, Obama's announcement to scrap the system coincided with the 70th anniversary of Stalin's invasion of Poland and the release of the IAEA's new estimate that Iran's nuclear ambitions are close to fruition. Another bit of awful timing by our hapless, ill-starred, fatally flawed leader who, as expected, is doing practically everything wrong.


That Putin is not and never has been a real US ally in the War on Terror, but sides with our Moslem foes to undercut our power for geo-political gain (what's bad for America is good for Russia), was prophetically anticipated on the day George Bush launched Operation Enduring Freedom: the war against al-Qaida and the Taliban sparked by the devastating 9/11 attack. For on that momentous historic day of retaliation Vladimir Putin was sitting comfortably in Moscow downing vodka with friends in celebration of his 49th birthday*.What Bush started on October 7, 2001 was a birthday gift to Putin, a gift that keeps on giving, as he has skillfully turned our necessary War on Terror to Russia's strategic advantage.

*Putin was born October 7, 1952



We need to understand Russia's leadership and that most positions of authority in that country, from Putin on down, are filled by people who were raised and educated in the Soviet Era*. Consequently and in reality the old Soviet Union with its global ambitions is far from dead. Those who believe (and this includes Obama, Gates and Hillary) that Russia is a traditional power with limited regional aims are greatly mistaken and doomed to suffer Jimmy Carter's fate when Russia invaded Afghanistan or George Bush's when Georgia was invaded. Be not deceived: Putin dreams of Russia replacing the US as the UNIPOLAR HYPERPOWER as much as do their imperialistic allies in Tehran**. In reality most everyone is misreading Russia, "the mystery wrapped in an enigma." Those who call Putin "Vlad the Impaler" and see the initials "KBG" in his eyes*** nailed it. The spirit of Lenin, Stalin and the old Soviet Union (as well as Czarist Russia) lives in this man and in millions of Russian nationalists who want to see the Evil Empire restored, and their country supreme over world affairs.

Indeed, since the Russo-Georgian War our two nuclear armed countries have been on a deadly collision course made more certain by the bungling amateur in the White House whose appeasement policies are probably midwifing a confrontational crisis prophetically anticipated, I believe, by the catastrophic collision of US and Russian satellites over frigid Siberia early this year (see note 1). Nevertheless, it seems that Providence is at work in ordering the coming crisis as America needs to wake up to reality and know who are its enemies; and understand that the neo-imperial regime in Moscow must be defeated and destroyed like the old Soviet Union.

*My thanks to Jacek Popiel for this insight.

**The alliance of Russia and Iran is held together by their hatred, fear and envy of America. If America were to suddenly disappear Putin and Ahmadinejad would turn on each other as both men aspire to world domination.

***John McCain. When Bush looked into Putin's eyes he should have seen hatred for America.



I'm sick to death of hearing from apologists of Russian aggression on the Right, the Pat Buchanan Paleo-Conservative types, that Putin has legitimate gripes with the US and NATO; and that in his invasion of Georgia and other acts of aggression against US/Western allies, like Ukraine*, Putin is reacting to US policies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Tyranny hates freedom and Putin's well concealed hatred of the US is implacable and unappeasable like bin Ladin's, Ahmadenijad's and China's. What Hitler was to Chamberlain Putin is to Obama. Just as Hitler, playing the great statesman, used Germany's grievances over the Versailles Treaty to extract concessions from Chamberlain (which led to war) so is Putin using grievances over the seemingly anti-Russian policies of the Clinton and Bush administrations to dupe a weak and willing idiotic Obama who is much to eager to please and appease. No sooner did Obama announce the scrapping of the missile system than Putin predictably said that additional concessions would be needed before Russia would enter into a strategic relationship with the US-such as backing Russia's bid to join the WTO**. If such a relationship was vital to Russia's strategic interests it would have been the cornerstone of Putin's foreign policy and would now exist. Russia is America's archenemy and Putin is intent on destroying our supreme place in the world. That Obama's capitulation to Putin's demands will have disastrous Carter/Chamberlain-like consequences for US security and world peace was foreshadowed by the above mentioned calamitous collision of a US and Russian satellite which I wrote about  here.

*Russia cutting off Ukraine's gas supply (see).

**Contrast Obama's caving into Putin's demands on missile defense with Biden's remark in July that Russia will bend to America's (Obama's) will because of its economic and demographic problems. This is the same Joe Biden who said last October that Obama had a "spine of steel" and would withstand and pass any test and foreign policy challenge by our enemies. If it weren't so serious it would be laughable (see).


1. The 1998 Robert Harris novel "Archangel*" (made into a TV film starring Daniel Craig) about the rise of Stalin's secret son in Russia is a prophetic metaphor for Putin's Russia. In a recent poll taken across Russia 53% opposed a resolution equating Stalinism with Nazism while only 11% were in favor. 59% said that the resolution was aimed at undermining Russia's authority in the world. See this must read, eye opening report:Russia Defends Stalin's Deal with Hitler about Russia's dangerous sympathy for Stalin.

*Published one year before Putin's rise to power in 1999.





  1. No, my friend. The next 34 months will be frightening. This is coming from a black man woman who did not vote for Obama in ’08 or 2012. ’tis frightening, indeed.

      1. F–k you sh-t head. I’m sick with the flu and screwed up my post. I was speaking for myself and my wife. What I meant to say was “This is coming from a black man and woman (my wife) who didn’t vote for Obama……

      2. Action “Uncle Tom” Jackson. Is that what you mean Cey? Oh yeah, and “Auntie Tom.” Mustn’t leave the misses out lest I seem sexist.

        1. Black conservatives are a disgrace to their race. White souls in black flesh who hate being black and would change their skin color if they had the chance.

    1. Many Americans, myself included feel like you. To find ourselves praising Putin over our own president, is really pathetic and sickening! I’m a legal immigrant citizen and never in my life did I thought I’d find myself saying something like this about a US president. Even when I prefer a rep over a dem I still felt so much admiration and respect for the US president regardless the party…not this time though. Sad.

  2. Obama is just the great pretender. A weak pathetic little man in a president’s suit. I have said before, he likes the name, and the fun that comes with it, and that is all, He parties, vacations, plays basketball, golfs, goes on television where he is treated like a star instead of the president of the United States. He knows nothing of real leadership, nor does he care. He wants the name , and wants to be famous for healthcare that even he knows is a bomb, and is bad for America. But he is rich, and doesn’t have to worry about using it. He is such a rotten apple, it is a wonder he doesn’t stink up a room just walking in. I could go on, but by now you can tell I do NOT approve of the big Hussien Obama!!!

      1. I bet that you’re a hate-driven, anti-tea party, leftwing bigot from Sandinista de Blasio’s progressive New York; or from the ultra-left, government-caused drought stricken west coast.

      2. Cey,
        This so called racist woman, is mixed Indian. Was married to a half Filipino man, and have half black grandchildren, and several 3/4 black great grandchildren.
        I have many friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ. They are of every color under the sun, as if that makes a difference.
        The color of ones skin has no effect on what kind of person you are. There are bad leaders of every stripe. This one president is a bad leader, and just wants to be a star.
        I don’t care what color a person is, it is his character, and it is too bad you aren’t the same. You judged me immediately, and said some really judgemental things. You don’t know me. This president has been out there for us to see for 5 years. He is a bad president. Our country is the one that pays dearly for his lack of knowledge and leadership.

  3. You and your “coincidences” never cease to amaze me. Putin’s 49th birthday coinciding with the start of Bush’s global war on terror was definitely significant, as proved by subsequent events working to our geostrategic disadvantage with Russia. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that Russia is aiding the Taliban. Putin and the Taliban hate and fear the US more than they do each other.

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