Anyone, anyone, anyone who owns a restaurant, runs or manages a restaurant, or worked at a restaurant as waiters, waitresses, bus boys, cooks, etc. knows that
Let me explain.
Like Beverly Nelson I worked at a restaurant as a teenager. It was a diner across the street from Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows, Queens where I went to school in the 1960s. The diner (whose name escapes me but is now a Fat Boys Pizzeria see) was located at Utopia Parkway on the service road off the Long Island Expressway (aka Horace Harding Expressway). It was a part-time after school job - I also worked weekends. I worked there briefly perhaps no more than two months as I was offered a better paying job by a neighbor (a family friend) working up the street for a very busy bagel place (working the cash register). The bagel place, Bagel Oassis, still exists (see).
I worked at a diner similar to this.
Now at the diner, like young Beverly Nelson, I sometimes worked late shifts until it closed at 10:30 pm. Now everyone who has worked or eaten at restaurants until they close to the public for the night knows they stay open (with the entrance doors locked) until the patrons are finished eating; no diner or restaurant kicks out its patrons at closing time if they're still eating and drinking at booths, tables or counters.
However, and here's the rub that exposes Beverly Nelson as an evil, malicious, God damn liar: a restaurant closing its doors to the public at the end of the day and completely shutting down are two separate events. For example, when my diner closed and was empty of patrons, and I and the other waiters went home, the owner/manager and cooking crew stayed behind and continued working cleaning up the joint before completely shutting it down (switching off the lights then locking up); my diner, in fact, would stay open until at least 11 pm.
Indeed, the M.O. was no different at Oasis Bagel (which has since turned into a 24 hour deli and grill). When my late shift ended at close up time my neighbor Ralph would stay behind to it clean up and then lock it down. And as Ralph was a neighbor who lived on my block sometimes I'd wait around for him to finish his work so I could get a ride home (I was too young to drive). 
But defying the common, ordinary, everyday experience of restaurant workers like myself this is not the story Beverly Nelson is giving us. On the night of the alleged assault by Roy Moore Nelson claims she worked the late shift till 10 pm. And as was apparently routine her boyfriend (if he exists) was scheduled to pick her up and drive her home. But Nelson says on this occasion her boyfriend was late and hadn't arrived when her shift ended. She says that Roy Moore then left the restaurant after her, and seeing that her ride was late he offered to take her home; she accepted the offer without reservation because she "trusted him being a DA...."

Nelson said that because "there were no cell phones then*" she had no way to reach her boyfriend to see if he was on his way; or to tell him not to come as Moore would be taking her home. There's one huge problem here that no one to my knowledge has thought of:
The restaurant which was still open (with her boss and  crew inside cleaning up) had at least two land line phones that she could have used to call her boyfriend: the payphone and office phone.
 *The cell phone remark is 13:20 into the video.
Moreover, as the restaurant was still open with owner and crew inside Nelson's reason for accepting Moore's offer because it was uncomfortably "cold" outside - she didn't want to freeze her poor bottoms off waiting for her guy - is a complete and total lie; there was no reason for her to step outside into the cold winter night when she could have waited for him inside the restaurant keeping nice and warm until he arrived.  
Furthermore, as Nelson's boss was still in the restaurant why didn't she go back inside to alert him that if her boyfriend should arrive to tell him she got a ride home from "DA" Moore?  It's not credible that she didn't do this so that her boyfriend wouldn't worry that something bad might have happened to her.
Come to think of it if Nelson's boyfriend* got a late start that night and couldn't be on time to pick her up surely he would have phoned the restaurant to tell her he'd be a bit late. Certainly the boyfriend had the restaurant's phone number in case of emergencies or delays in his departure. Also, if Nelson was stranded her boss could have taken her home once he finished closing up. As Nelson lived 10-15 minutes by car from the restaurant (her home was "two and a half miles away," she said) it wouldn't have been much of an imposition or inconvenience for her boss to drive her home. And, of course, a call home by Nelson from the restaurant and her parents would have picked her up (or sister if she had a license). Indeed, when Nelson's boyfriend wasn't available to drive her home the logical alternative would be her parents (or sister).
*Did Nelson have an older boyfriend at the time with a driver's licence and car to corroborate her story? If so who is he? What's his name? Why is Nelson hiding his identity? What is she afraid of?
In short, there was no compelling need or reason for Nelson to ride home with Moore that night. Her choice between freezing in the cold or Moore driving her home was completely false as she had the option (the most logical choice) to wait for her ride inside the warm restaurant.
But what is even more preposterous is the BS of what allegedly followed once Nelson got into Moore's car. With boss and crew still inside the restaurant (about to go home) and Moore intending to rape her Nelson says that Moore drove to the most unlikely and ridiculous place to commit his crime: the restaurant's dark parking lot. In other words, Moore took her to an extremely risky place outside a building occupied by people who could exit it at any moment and catch him in the act of violating her.
Moreover, Nelson said (as I noted above) that her house was "two and a half miles from the restaurant." In other words, along the route to Nelson's home surely there were dozens of places where Moore could have raped her in greater safety with far less risk of getting caught in the act than the restaurant's parking lot. 
But what really defies credibility (as others have pointed out) is a 16-year-old girl allegedly suffering through perhaps the most terribly vile and violent experience of her life (which left her with bruises on her neck) not running back to the restaurant pounding on the door crying to her boss crew inside for help. Or when the boyfriend, moments after the incident, just happened to arrive this greatly traumatized girl was able to hide her extreme distress under a calm facade as if nothing happened; and that she was able to maintain this fake composure with her parents and sister once she was home; and then continue calm the following day with her friends, classmates and teachers at school. It's totally, preposterously, unbelievably ridiculous.
And to top off this cock and bull story this weeping distressed victim of a violent sexual attack (coached well by Gloria Allred), claims that she supported the candidacy of Donald Trump - accused last year by a dozen women of everything from groping them to rape. However, there is some doubt that Nelson voted for Trump or anyone last year; for in 2016 the State of Alabama had her listed as an "inactive" voter (see).
Does this woman really think we're so stupid as to believe her malicious, evil, moronic, contradictory story with the crocodile tears and rattled feelings after so many years as if it happened yesterday? That she kept it hidden so long until she told her sister four years later, her second husband just before they married (but not her first husband), and then her mother two years ago? And are we to believe that she was comfortable with Judge Moore handling her divorce case in 1999? That she refused to recuse herself and request another judge because of the painful memories of the alleged assault? Come to think of it if Judge Moore attacked her as she claims is it likely he would have dismissed her suit and chanced pissing her off when she had such leverage over him? By not granting Nelson the divorce in revenge she could have gone public with the assault and ruin him. Could it be that Nelson's lies about the assault was her revenge for the pain Moore's ruling caused her? It can't be ruled out as a motive - along with a little cash.  
 The question now is this: how big of a payout is Beverly Nelson and cash thirsty Gloria getting to smear and destroy Judge Moore with slander and lies? Who is the source or sources financing this hatchet job on his character and campaign - far and away the worst allegations to date? 
Vehemently denied by Allred. But is it improbable?
That this attack is politically motivated is proved by Allred calling for an immediate US Senate Ethics Committee investigation into the alleged crime - the last thing she'd want as her client would fall apart under questioning given all the contradictions and lies. Moreover, Allred knows that the Senate Ethics Committee is for investigating sitting Senators, not candidates running for office. 
Furthermore, Allred making her client's yearbook available for examination contingent on a Senate hearing before  election day is laughable in the extreme - it's a stunt by a political hack to smear Republicans as well as Moore. When the Senate does nothing (which it can't) between now and December 12th watch Allred accuse it of supporting pedophilia and being cruelly insensitive to rape victims. 
But in the meantime, a great conservative and honorable man is being crucified by an establishment witch hunt; and we must rally to his defense and make sure he wins his rightful place in the US Senate.
It keeps on getting worse for Beverly Nelson. Now journalist and author Thomas Wictor believes that Roy Moore's signature in Nelson's high school yearbook is an easily provable forgery. And he is very, very persuasive. Judge for yourself....READ ON  Hopefully Moore right now has a forensic expert doing an analysis ready to declare it a fraud.
Moore's attorney demanded that Nelson's yearbook be handed over to him for handwriting analysis to test the authenticity of his signature. It appears that Nelson had Roy Moore's signature on divorce papers that he signed in 1999 when she tried to split from her first husband, and could have (probably) used it in a forgery to give her false story credibility.
11-15- 2017
A heartfelt off the cuff apology to Roy Moore by Darrel Nelson stepson of Beverly Nelson for her lying, malicious, evil accusations.  
  Nov 20 2017

Birmingham, ALABAMA — A minister who says that he dated Beverly Young Nelson at around the same time that Young claims to have been assaulted by senatorial candidate Roy Moore says that he does not believe his ex-girlfriend about the allegations.






Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.


  1. Does anyone know if any of Judge Moore’s accusers signed a sworn affidavit affirming under oath their allegations against him?

  2. The working muscle of this country is sick of these worms.
    Get ready ass hats your turn is coming. You could even get good old Roy elected POTUS some day if you keep it up.

  3. Roy Moore is a better man than almost anyone in Congress and they know it.
    They are going to have hell to pay for this crap.

  4. Time to get out the tar and feathers…..Oh McDonald had a yarn now he’s got to go!
    Tar and feather that bag o flatulent’s …

    GO ROY!

  5. Is it true that Doug Jones smoked some weed 38 years ago? Then broke into White Castle and ate all the hamburger…RAW? OH LAWDY NO!!!!!

  6. How long has Judge Moore been sitting on the bench? Now after all of these years, all of these women are coming out of the woodwork and accusing him of all of these sexual crimes? If they can’t prove their accusations, then they should have to face prosecution for slander and have to face to criminal charges for making these accusations. Personally I don’t believe a single one of them, they’ve had plenty of time to make these charges, if indeed there were anything to any of them.

  7. Oh LOOK! The scab Republicants and the ass paste Demacans that have zero morals are attempting to splash the pedo spewge that they are covered in on someone else.
    GO ROY!!!!

  8. HA! well next it will be Roy was in the store and a woman was in there to….OH LAWD NO…or Roy was walken in the hall and there was a woman there…HEAVEN FORBID… or Roy was at the store and he saw a girl standing there..PLEASE NO!!! OR ROY WAS IN CHURCH..NO IT CAN NOT BE!!! Or ROY IS A MAN… OH PLEASE YOU DON’T MEAN IT….or a female saw Roy somewhere doing something MY WORD HOW CAN IT BE!!!!

    Yes.. well you know that if you smear poop on a gold coin it is still gold.
    Roy Moore is the real deal. Everything else around him is the poop. The poop that they are throwing at him is the poop that they are.

  9. My thoughts on this – anything Gloria Alred is involved in is suspect. Doing some research on Moore – he was I don’t believe ever a DA – He was a full time prosecutor in the DA’s office. Why sign something DA then? Why if you are victimized by someone do you keep a “year book” for decades? Did he sign it before or after this alleged incident? Also another point people keep saying that Moore’s dalliances with teenagers is “creepy” but Alabama law had at that time the AGE OF CONSENT was 14 years old! If the demoncrat party would kill someone (Seth Rich) for giving files to Wikileaks – its not a stretch to suggest they would forge a yearbook – the stakes are really high on this election – why was Moore never “outed” for his alleged behavior when he ran all the other times? – when he supported the 10 Commandments as a Justice on Alabama Supreme Court? I am very suspicious given the timing.This smells real bad

  10. Lets accuse the Christian Judge of crap that cannot be proven or prosecuted except in the public mind. Good old rules for radicals tactics.

    1. This is as much a Republican Establishment RINO orchestrated attempted takedown of Roy Moore. McConnell, Rove (Bush dirty trickster and SCUMBAG political hack). Strange, Bushes, etc., blew 30 million and Moore beat them. Bannon called them out and told them there would be a day of reckoning. These smears are a last-ditch effort of these scumbags meant to keep Roy Moore from becoming a U.S. Senator from Alabama.

  11. We are a nation of laws. If you have a beef with someone, there are statutes of limitations that must be adhered to in order to get justice! It’s not the perps fault if you fail to press charges, it’s yours! Take personal responsibility for your lack of action! Quit trying to try the case in the court of public opinion! That constitutes a witch hunt, and that is against everything our great nation stands for! Support Roy Moore and keep your focus on the issues that MAGA and not these beyond the statute of limitations rumors!

  12. This is exactly what they did to another decent man, Herman Cain, when he ran for President. The Democrats and liberal media kept bringing women forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and to protect his family from the constant barrage from the media he dropped out of the race. Once he dropped out, you never heard another word from any of the women who accused him…….DESPICABLE!

  13. Apollo, what if it was your daughter that Roy Moore touched ?What if YOUR daughter was pulled down to Roy Moore’s crotch would you still think he should run ?? If you can’t be honest don’t reply.

    1. What if someone falsely accused you of a dispicable act and you were innocent? I question the veracity and timing of the allegations, why don’t you after reading my analysis?

      1. Yeah. It’s all about timing, hmm it seems we have seen this trick before with The Donald and others. Drag their name through the mud before election trying to prevent them from winning.

        1. FACT: Nelson said she accepted the ride from Moore to escape the cold.

          FACT: The restaurant was open.

          FACT: The restaurant was warm.

          FACT: There was no reason for her to be outside in the cold.

          FACT: Nelson said she had no way to contact her boyfriend.

          FACT: The restaurant had an office phone and payphone.

    1. Allred is playing a dangerous game. She is now a co-conspirator using a forgery to slander Roy Moore.

      When the evidence is proven to be a forgery, will Roy Moore get justice? How can we believe any of these accusers, when this is what they are willing to do to get him?

      1. Allred should lose her law license over forgery, and go to prison. It’s a felony.

        It’s hard to believe she would be that stupid. She might be evil, but stupid enough to commit forgery?

        1. Gloria Allred is a weasel RAT. They fraudulently duplicated the Divorce decree stamp, clerk’s initials and all – thinking the initials DA was the Judges title. What schmucks

  14. As Apollospeaks said in his last blog on Roy Moore: It’s possible that a younger Roy Moore may have sexually assaulted younger women. But at age 70 he’s not the same human being. Nevertheless, I still want him to run and have made a contribution to his campaign. The time has passed to adjudicate those crimes. Sorry ladies, your fault for not stepping up sooner. Too bad. Now, you can do nothing about it, and it’s your fault. Our guy can take the 5th and brush it aside and not a damn thing you can do about it!

  15. Moore will be elected senator and help Trump MAGA and stick it to the gays, gays in military, muslims, and anything that is against god. He will vote for a vall and to deport muslims, against DACA. He will vote against climate change. He’s right on all the issues liberals hate, hence this witch hunt.

    We need him and won’t let this witch hunt keep him from winning next month!

  16. How is this woman courageous? She disgraced herself, her family womanhood by not coming forward for 40 years! I didn’t raise cowards! My daughters know how to shoot and don’t put up with shit from anyone. So if a 32 yr old man assaults them, he’s going to jail or 6 feet under.

    Too bad that weak woman ain’t like my daughters. Obviously politically motivated witch hunt. Sorry you were assaulted deary. More sorry for you that you lacked the courage and backbone to do anything about it. If you were a good Christian you’d forgive and forget and move on. Vengeance belongs to God, not the liberal media and certainly not Bezos and the DNC!

    1. BCM you are a sinner and claim you are a Christian. I’ll tell you Jesus couldn’t even stand you. Your a fake Christian.nothing worse thsn a fake Christian child molestor. Just creepy.

  17. It has been fun watching our Senators expose themselves as the sorriest, scumbag, pieces of excrement on planet earth as they are too busy trying to keep Judge Roy Moore out of their club.

  18. God bless you Apollo. In spite of the Clarence Thomas style mudslinging and MSM lynching, Moore is still ahead by 10 points (really means 20 points). They need to troll in another 10 women to try to even the score. What a hoot! The people of Alabama are having none of it. Some of the Good Old Boys say they will vote to expel Moore, even if he is elected. LET THEM TRY!

    1. GLORIA ALLRED is a flake and fraud…

      She will soon go back to hiding and Moore will win this case..too fake and phony for words.

    2. First Al Gropinstein and now Gloria’s Yearbook Debacle. Not a good twenty four hours for the Democrat Party Sex Allegations Corporation!

  19. Obama admitted smoked crack 30 years ago, and people laughed. A very credible witness said he had a gay affair with him, MSM didn’t care, didn’t cover the story. The statute of limitations on this accused crime passed, and we believe in due process, the rule of law, so for those reasons, it’s a politically motivated story and that’s it. Let the people of AL decide. They’ll do the right thing to MAGA and make the gay, transexual, muslim, open border agenda harder for the left thanks to Moore.

    1. Of course Alabamians of faith support Judge Moore. It’s another Hillary! vs Trump vote. Moore’s opponent supports abortion, open borders, and BLM. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

      1. The LGBT agenda is hostile to the Christian faith, the traditional family, men, children, basic sexual decency, and in fact the very survival of the human race. No code necessary: alternative lifestyles are bad for all concerned.

  20. As a Canadian, I was under the understanding that American Criminal Law operates on the basis that the accused is innocent until proven to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Has America repealed that law and I missed it?

  21. AAA piece of investigative writing. I went to Francis Lewis in the 1970s. Remember the diner. Now live in Arizona. God bless.

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