Presidents Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Monroe

 That our nation’s leaders and destiny are under the watchful eye of God Almighty and His special Providence was divinely and infallibly revealed to us, as Daniel Webster said (see), when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third Presidents (the two Founding Fathers most responsible for the writing and ratification of the Declaration of Independence) died just hours apart in 1826 on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day-the historic, world-changing day that they founded by the grace and guidance of God. What has gone unnoticed in this undeniably miraculous event (only a fool would attribute it to natural laws) is the uncanny numerical signs given to us that day-especially in the correspondence between the date July 4, 1776 (when Congress adopted the Declaration) and the two principle Founder’s (Jefferson and Adams) near simultaneous deaths. What I mean is this:

When the single digits of the date 7-4-1776 are added together it gives us (as you shall see) the profoundly significant number 32, which is the number that signifies America, hence:



1459931=32 (see notes)

 Is this a mere chaotic chance coincidence? If that was all, perhaps. But there is more, much more indicating the intervention of God in the deaths of these two great men. Read on and judge for yourself if  blind chance was at play here:

John Adams our 2nd President and Jefferson our 3rd died in reverse order that July 4th day giving us the number 32. In other words, as 3 precedes 2 in the number 32 Jefferson, the greater and more important of the two Founders, was the first to leave this world.

As if foreshadowing the order of their deaths the friendship of Jefferson and Adams began when they first met at the Second Continental Congress in May 1775. Amazingly at the time Jefferson (born April 13, 1743) was 32 years old.

Now as 32 is a number symbolic of the day this great country was founded and is the numerical value of the name America, and as it signifies the order of Jefferson’s and Adams’ deaths on a July 4th date, remarkably and amazingly the exact number of words comprising the Declaration of Independence (which the 3rd and 2nd Presidents wrote and defended) is 1322, with the number 32 at its center.

Moreover, as the number 32 by addition is reducible to the number 5 (3+2=5) incredibly Jefferson and Adams died approximately 5 hours apart, the one dying around 1 pm and the other at 6:20 pm. Also incredible is that 1 pm to 6:20 pm equals 320 minutes (32 10x). And just as uncanny is that Jefferson and Adams died on the 50th celebration of July 4th-50 being a multiple of 5 10x.

Now in keeping with this remarkable numeric pattern of fives (and the multiples and variations of 5) the date July 4, 1776 fell on a Thursday, the 5th day of the week. Moreover, July 4, 1826, the day Jefferson and Adams died, was the 185th day of the year. Not only does 185 end in the significant number 5 and is divisible by 5 but it’s a variant of the number 5 because it is reducible to 5, hence: 1+8+5=14, 1+4=5.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, Jefferson and Adams first met and became friends at the Second Continental Congress held in May 1775 when Jefferson was 32 years old. May is the 5th month of the year.

Also fascinating is that the only two future Presidents to sign the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (they were two of the 5 key Founders*), were members of the Committee of FIVE that was appointed to draft the document. The other three members were Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston.

*The other three were Washington, Franklin and Madison.

Moreover, the Declaration that Jefferson and Adams composed (the later playing a minor role) is made up of 5 distinct parts: the introduction, the preamble, the body, which can be divided into two sections, and the conclusion.

Other signs of what I believe is God’s supernatural presence and signature effect in the founding of our country, and in the astonishing deaths of Jefferson and Adams, are as follows:

Shortly before he expired a sick and ailing John Adams strangely uttered the mysterious words “Thomas Jefferson survives.” Could it be that Adams’ had a vision of Jefferson’s disembodied spirit and that it seemed so life like and real to him that he spoke these words believing he had seen him in the flesh? Whatever, these words are part of the mystery of Adams’ and Jefferson’s “coincidental” deaths in more ways than one. For in keeping with the significant numbers 3 and 2 Adams’ statement is composed of 23 letters (32 reversed) which exactly corresponds with the numeric value of Jefferson’s birth date, hence:


As Jefferson and Adam’s were the GREAT PEN AND VOICE  of the Revolution, the one writing the Declaration of Independence and the other defending it with his great passion and eloquence, concealed in the date July 4, 1776 is the all important year 1787 when the Constitution was completed and adopted by the 13 states and America became a Constitutional Republic, hence

1776 + 4 + 7 = 1787*

Remarkably, the numbers in the historic year 1787 collapse into the number 23, which is further reducible to 5 hence:

1+7+8+7=23,  2+3=5

*There were exactly 74 delegates to the Constitutional Convention a number signifying  the month (7) and day (4) of our founding.

It is also important to note that Jefferson and Adams were the 18th and 48th signers of the Declaration respectively. The multiplication of these two numbers gives us a total that’s a multiple of 32, hence:

18x48=864 or 32x27


James Monroe was the third and last President to die on July 4th . What is remarkable about this, and a sign that his death was Providentially arranged and designed like Jefferson’s and Adams’, is that while Adams and Jefferson were the 2nd and 3rd Presidents, numbers that total 5, Monroe himself was the 5th President-2 removed from Jefferson and 3 from Adams. Incredibly, the 5th President died in 1831, exactly 5 years to the date of Jefferson’s and Adams’ deaths on the 55th anniversary of Independence Day-55 is a multiple of 5 11x.

It is fascinating to note that Monroe the Jeffersonian (the student and lifelong friend of Jefferson) was succeeded to the presidency by John Quincy Adams, John Adams’ son. In other words, just as Thomas Jefferson succeeded John Adams to the presidency an Adams succeeded a Jeffersonian President*.

*Just as the addition of 2 (signifying John Adams’ presidency) and 3 (signifying Jefferson’s presidency) equals 5 (signifying Monroe’s presidency), so the multiplying of 2 and 3 equals 6 the presidency number of John Quincy Adams.

St. Augustine, following the ancient Greeks who believed that numbers (the basis of mathematics) rule the world, wrote that “Numbers are a universal language given to us by God for the confirmation of truth”-and, I might add, to justify His ways to us in this mathematically constructed, ordered and harmoniously designed universe. What was divinely confirmed on July 4, 1826 with the near simultaneous deaths of Jefferson and Adams, and again on July 4, 1831 with the death of James Monroe, is that random, unplanned, chaotic chance had nothing to do with their deaths-nor was it the work of some impossible ingenious human conspiracy. Indeed, the July 4th deaths of these three Presidents confirm the existence of God giving evidence of His necessary being and mysterious and inscrutable governing of the universe and this nation. In other words, it is proof that Jefferson, Adams and Monroe died naturally under supernatural direction with an intelligent unifying principle coordinating their deaths as a sign that our country’s founding moment and Constitutional Republic were DIVINELY ORDAINED-as is our exceptionalism and glorious destiny as the greatest liberating force from tyranny in human history.

In celebration of God, Country and Liberty I wish you all a Happy 4th of July.


The 3rd President Thomas Jefferson was the first to die on July 4th. The 2nd President John Adams was the 2nd President to die on July 4th. The 5th President James Monroe was the 3rd and last President to die on July 4th. This produces the number 325. 325 is a multiple of 13 5x. 13 is the number of colonies turned independent states on July 4, 1776. Moreover, 325 is a factor in the number 17875 a 5 digit number encoded with the year 1787 when America became a Constitutional Republic-325 x 55 = 17875. Isn't it odd that it was on the 55th anniversary of July 4th that James Monroe died?


When Thomas Jefferson, the first US President to die on July 4th, was President in 1808  it was the year when our nation celebrated its 32nd Independence Day. Amazingly, 7-4-1808 was the 7th year and 4th month (corresponding to July 4th) of Jefferson's two term presidency.


Regal Eagle writes:

Mabye there’s something to this number 5. We’re a nation of 50 states, and our flag has 50 5 pointed stars. Just sayin.

X-MAN replies:

 And Hawaii, the last and 50th state to enter the Union, did so in the late 1950s.

My reply:

Not only did Hawaii (the 50th state) join the Union in the late 1950s but it did so exactly 6555 weeks from July 4, 1776,  hence:

July-4-1776 to August 21, 1959 (Hawaii joins the Union) is 183 years, 1 month and 17 days, that equates to 2197 months, or 66,886 days, or 9555 weeks (see).


The numerological table used in this article is as follows:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9



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  1. Apollo,
    A while back you said you would do an article on the number 5, I will say this…A whale of a job you did too!! Even I understood it. I see what you meant by it got more complicated than you first thought. Just WOW!!

  2. Apollo: How does your theory on the number 32 being the “number of America” account for Franklin Roosevelt (hated by you right-wingers) being the 32nd President elected in 1932?

    1. It was during the FDR years that America transitioned from a hemispheric power to the greatest, most exceptional world power in history. I’ve written about this on Townhall and will be reposting it here.

  3. GREAT!!! America is an exceptionally good and just nation under God with a special destiny; and Apollo’s discoveries show evidence of that.

  4. Playing games with numbers to prove that God exists and is guiding America is rubish. There is no God. Man is the inventor of numbers and the mathematical sciences. The July 4th deaths of the three presidents is pure meaningless chance coincidence.

  5. One of the most unusual pieces of mystical Americanism I’ve ever read-and I’ve read it all. Is 32 the number of America? Or is it 5?

  6. Maybe there’s something to this number 5. We’re a nation of 50 states, and our flag has 50 5 pointed stars. Just sayin.

  7. The three July 4 deaths were either an act of God or it was planned by man. Good luck trying to prove the later.

  8. Apollo, I started July 4 celebrating what no longer feels like America until I read your blog. It put me back in the spirit goose bumps and all. Thanks!

  9. Just learned that Obama’s younger daughter turned 16 yesterday. The most unAmerican president in our history has a daughter born on the 4th of July. Would you believe it! What could it mean?

    1. Thousands of American kids were born yesterday and it means that they were born yesterday, and not some other day like Obama’s kid.

      Bye the way, Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th and his policies gave us the Great Depression.

      1. WRONG! Cool Cal’s policies have us the Roaring Twenties. It was Hoover’s policies that turned the Roaring Twenties into the Depressing Thirties.

    2. Rosemary:

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I believe it is meaningful, very meaningful. I’m now putting together an article on it.

    1. I can hear all the founders cheering from heaven. I love sites like this that link America to God. I’m sharing it with my network of relatives and friends.

      God bless you Apollo,


  10. I got more of a bang from this blog than from July 4th and the thousands of dollars in fireworks we set off. The most inspirational piece I’ve read about the 4th in some time. It’s up there with Webster’s oration.

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