America has become "The United States of Amnesia" forgetting what made us so exceptionally good and great and indispensable as a model to humanity's evolution toward democratic freedom. In his farewell address Ronald Reagan warned us about NATIONAL FORGETFULNESS ("the eradication of the American memory"); and when he died of Alzheimer's (having forgotten everything) it was emblematic of our NATIONAL AMNESIA...the disease eating away at our historical memory-which God will not permit us to lose.

Black actor Jamie Fox playing supervillain Electro in Spider Man 2. Symbolic of Obama shocking the nation with his destructive presidency and policies.

Now Barack Obama, the great anti-Reagan (Reagan's polar opposite in practically everything) is leading our nation into great and terrible peril and waking us up; midwifing a painful rebirth of Americanism (freedom, faith and constitutionalism) through the shockingly disastrous consequences (social, economic, security and geostrategic) of his corrupt and feckless leadership and radical left policies (masterfully analyzed here by Victor David Hanson).

From the history making day Obama won the presidency (on the 28th anniversary of Reagan's epoch making victory) curing this nation of the forgetfulness Reagan warned of has been his unconscious mission and  destiny; and in this he's succeeding grandly one shocking failure, scandal and crisis at a time. But the depth of our forgetfulness is such that the shocking worst is yet to come.

I'll be posting an article on this subject in the days or weeks ahead which everyone should read who wants to understand the meaning of Ronald Reagan's death, and is seeking a renewal of faith in our country and its future.



  1. Great read Apollo, thanks for posting it.

    I wish people had been smart enough to make zero a 1-term pres_ent like Carter. *sigh*

    1. Yeah. The “light” Apollo sees at the end of “Obama’s dark tunnel” is a white man or woman replacing our first Black President.

      1. So in other words, because I can’t see a light at the end of Obama’s dark tunnel it means that I think he’ll be president for life? Or that he’ll be succeeded by a second, third, forth and fifth black president? Moron!

  2. As a Roman Catholic who believes we are a nation under God’s Providence I believe there are good political and historical reasons for Obama’s two term presidency. Perhaps Apollo has divined it.

  3. I don’t care if Obama is worse than Carter. I want to see him CARTERED off to jail where he belongs.

          1. Willfully and knowingly lying to sell Obamacare to the American people on dozens of occasions. Then illegally and unconstitutionally changing Obamacare unilaterally making 23 changes to the law. Those two things alone make Obama the most lawless president in US history deserving of impeachment and imprisonment.

            1. This clown needs to be impeached and jailed. And the morons that voted for him need to be deprogrammed.

            2. Get your diaper changed Ruddy and tell Momma to get you a bottle — Seriously, this childish baby-in-the-sandbox type of writing– “he should be impeached and imprisoned” just further promotes the dialogue that Conservatives and their “Politics of Revenge” are just angry, overgrown children.

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  4. “National Shock Treatment” to wake up the sleeping giant. Does that explain the mystery of Obama’s presidency? Me thinks Apollo is on to something.

  5. Obama is hardly an Electro generating electricity. In fact I often fall asleep when he speaks. But he is dealing us quite a jolt in his quiet, passive, gentle way.

  6. Apollo,
    Looking forward to the next installment. Even though this one was short, it was really good.
    I hope that this country IS being shocked into realizing that we are losing everything. Obama even covered his lawless actions by installing Eric Holder, to let all of his crimes skate by, proving that he knew what he was going to be breaking the law, and trying to destroy us.
    But his and Holder’s shock could be coming when we refuse to give up our freedoms. And we refuse to give our country away to aliens. He may be shocked when he finds out people finally won’t take the race card any longer, and when we kick him and others that believe the things he does, out of office, and politics.

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