Fred Barnes posted an excellent piece on the The Weekly Standard about Barack Obama's self-destructive pigheadedness called "Stubbornness as Governance (see)" where he notes that Obama doubling down on stupidity and policies that don't work "refusing to change his mind" at any and all costs is a "habit" or second nature with him. Anticipating Barne's article I posted the following piece on Townhall five years ago which predicted Hussein Obama's enduring Saddam/Allende-like intransigence on domestic issues and foreign policy which is driving his presidency to tragedy and ruin, and the nation and world into turmoil.


Barack Hussein Obama rode the wave of the anti-Iraq war movement into history as America's first black president. If Saddam Hussein wasn't toppled by US led forces there would be no President B. Hussein Obama today. The man with the middle name “Hussein” opposed Bush's plan to depose Saddam naïvely believing that he could have been stopped, tamed and contained-a completely mistaken idea as Saddam's global terrorist activities were uncontainable and growing at the time of his downfall ; and he never relinquished his nuclear ambitions as proved by the nuclear scientists, technicians and engineers that remained on Saddam's payroll.
But is it happenstance, I wonder, that Obama shares the name of the ill-fated, delusional, self-destructive dictator? The Arab name "Hussein?" Is Obama's middle name a clue to divining his character and destiny? A warning sign to himself and the nation about his fate if he goes too far in his ambitions to Europeanize, socialize and collectivize capitalist America into a massive welfare dependency state and dangerously weaken us  militarily and geopolitically?
When comparing the two men I notice that Obama shares with Saddam three very troubling traits: hubris, ideological intransigence and recklessness. Could it be that like Saddam no disaster is too big or catastrophe too great to wake Obama up and bring him to his senses before it's too late? Could it be that like Saddam nothing but Obama's politcal undoing and tragic downfall will stop him? Is Obama so hopelessly blinded by ideology, narcissism and illusions of grandeur that he can't change course but will pursue to the bitter end his radical plans for transforming America unmindful of the disastrous consequences to himself, the country and world? It sure looks that way.
Take Saddam Hussein's monumental hubris and recklessness: the Iran-Iraq War and a million dead; the Gulf War and his army in ruins; bombings, embargoes, sanctions killing scores of Iraqi children and civilians; George W. Bush with the gun of U.S. power to his head; suffering all these blows and faced with being deposed Saddam never relented or repented; never gave way to despair or defeat; never doubted his mission and destiny, never disbelieved in the rightness of his cause: Pan-Arab Nationalism-the cause of becoming king and savior of the once proud, mighty, conquering Arab race-saving it from disunity, powerlessness and poverty and the intolerable humiliation of the Zionist scourge. A U.S. led invasion to disarm and destroy him? No problem! Saddam would go underground, lead a Sunni insurgency to victory  driving out the infidel invaders-causing them a new Vietnam-and fulfill his heroic destiny of being master of the Middle East, the Joseph Stalin of Arabia. It was all so certain, all so clear: “Shock and Awe” was his royal road to victory and immortality. Saddam was intransigence incarnate, nothing on earth could stop him from pursuing his evil dreams until he was cornered like a rat climbing out of a hole and ended his days dangling from a rope.
Indeed, the Barack Hussein Obama who once arrogantly told a female reporter that “I never doubt myself” has Saddam's hubris, intransigence and ideological certainty; he is as fanatically bent-short of murdering his foes-to impose his ruinous programs on America as was Saddam his plans to conquer Arabia and socialize it under his iron-fisted rule. Fueled by passion for social justice and the utopian imbecilities of the welfare-entitlement state; driven by a desire to weaken and humble America and make it loved by a hostile and envious world, Obama is blindly bent on exceeding the failures and follies of the past: exceeding the disaster of Hooverism,  the failed depression-prolonging New Deal, the folly and catastrophe of LBJ's War on Poverty, and the ruinous Clinton/Cuomo spread the wealth homeownership program for minorities which nearly sunk our economy-and clinched the presidency for Obama. Indeed, when his mistaken efforts to fix the economy fail Obama will pick himself up and try failure all over again with greater spending, higher taxes, power grabs and regulations-he will double down on stupidity with renewed ideological zeal believing he is morally right and make a terrible mess of things.
Obama is all sail and no anchor; borne aloft so he believes by “righteous winds” of change and destiny, only his death or removal from power will stop him as it stopped Saddam. Am I speaking of insurrection? of counter-revolution? of a military coup with blood in the streets? an American Thermidor? God forbid it should come to that! We’re a civilized people; a nation of ballots not bombs; angry not violent peacefully electing and deposing our leaders and would be kings-and that is how it should be.
But I fear that this stupid man, this calm determined unbending fool, who thirsts for socialist glory and transformational change, is willing to go for broke; I fear that he is willing to cast reason and caution to the winds and become the American Salvador Allende: the Marxist senator turned president of Chile, who defiantly implemented his radical agenda against the will of the Chilean people and threw his country into turmoil and war. Will Obama go for broke and take this reckless course becoming the most decisively partisan president in memory?
If so, if B. Hussein Obama is that unyielding, intransigent and ideologically deranged (as I believe he is) hell-bent at whatever cost on saving America from itself and the world from America, then he could meet with a terrible end joining Salvador Allende and Saddam Hussein on the ash heap of failed leftist leaders who died with their dreams turned to dust (see notes 1, 2 and 3)*.
*I do not perceive in Obama any  taste for violence and bloodshed, and here is where he differs from Saddam. But the democratically elected Salvador Allende, a physician by profession, started out, like Obama, on the path of bloodless revolution but ended up defending his cause on the barricades with a gun. LIke Allende Obama lives for the egalitarian/socialist ideal of a classless society of equals through redistribution of wealth; it's central to his moral universe; and like Allende (and Saddam) Obama seems committed to his vision unto death.
1.Those who see a “new LBJ” in Barack Obama will be interested to learn that Salvador Allende was born in 1908 and died in 1973 the same years Lyndon Johnson was born and died.
2. Salvador (the savior) Allende, like messiah Obama is doing now, rushed his revolutionary program to socialize Chile's economy trying to do too much too soon: nationalizing the banking and copper industries, getting control of the health care and educational systems and redistributing income and property to Chile's poor on a massive scale. Obama in his haste to revolutionize America resembles the rash, impatient, ruthless Allende. Allende exacerbated an already divided and polarized country and his programs made a shambles of Chile's economy causing soaring inflation, huge deficits and negative GDP growth.
3. Just as Obama is the third U.S. President to come directly from the Senate, the other two being Harding and Kennedy (who died in office), so was Salvador Allende a senator turned President-and like Harding and Kennedy he died before finishing his first term.


  1. Because of Obama’s weak, passive, unmanly persona it’s hard to see how stupidly inflexible he really is.

    1. You’re right about that. Wimps usually are weak in the principle department. But not Obama. He’s strongly committed to his crazy progressive ideas for America.

  2. Allende allegedly died by suicide putting a bullet through his head during a US backed coup by the mass murderer Pinochet. Bet you’d like to see that here with Obama killed and thousands of Progressives like the good Allende and his followers jailed and tortured. Nazi scum.

    1. Pinochet is one of my favorite anti-Communist heros. His portrait graces the wall in my den alongs with Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul.

  3. Allende was a pro-Castro lunatic who wanted to model Chile after communist Cuba. Good thing for the Chilian people that he was stopped.

  4. It is ironic that Obama owes his presidency to the intransigence of Saddam Hussein; and that his middle name is Hussein and that he has the former Iraqi dictator’s tragic flaw.

  5. Come on Apollo. Obama could possibly change. A good second shallecking in November just might humble him and bring him to his senses.

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