If Saul Alinsky had been alive on the historic  night of November 4, 2008 the old, feeble 99 year old Chicagoan radical might have died  in Grant Park from a massive coronary as his greatly aged socialist heart might not have been able to endure the excitement, euphoria and  jubilation of Barack Hussein Obama winning the presidency. For Obama is an absolute, head to toe, fanatically crazed, crackpot Alinskyite-or ALINSKY STEALTH SOCIALIST (ASS)-plotting, conniving and lying at every turn to undermine, pull down, subvert and diminish our  horribly unjust, polluting, racist, oppressive free enterprise system and replace it with THE UTOPIAN DREAM: a state created all-inclusive egalitarian progressive paradise of social, economic, green energy using equals with shared wealth, open borders, and the end of America as a nation-state and warmongering global superpower.

Indeed, Election Day 2008 would have been the happiest moment and apogee of Saul Alinsky’s anti-American radical life; a day of dreamed political fulfillment which he undoubtedly would have likened to the Russian Revolution of 90 years before-believing that president 44, his faithful black disciple and Chicago community agitator, was the nonviolent, American version of Vladimir Lenin; and that his vision of a bloodless socialist revolution-working by stealth and deceit through the system-had finally come.


Saul David Alinsky was born January 30, 1909 (FranklinPosts Roosevelt’s 27th birthday) to Russian Jewish immigrants in Chicago eight years before the Russian Revolution. Barack Obama, his disciple and future 44th US president, was born August 4, 1961 the year when the totalitarian Soviet state, founded in 1917, would celebrate its 44th anniversary of trying and failing to create heaven on earth through an omnipotent, monstrously oppressive, centralized socialist state.

Though Obama’s Alinsky Revolution and transformational agenda (now in its sixth year) is going the predictable way of all such ventures and miserably failing it is fascinating to note that the number of days separating the births of Alinsky and Obama are exactly 19,179 (see note below)- a five digit number encoded with the ominous number 1917 signifying the terrible year during World War I when Lenin and his Bolshevik gangsters seized control of Russia in what was to be the greatest failed social experiment in human history-an experiment which Aliniskyites like Obama insanely want to repeat over and over and over again (in different variations) hoping against hope by some miracle or accident they will finally succeed.


From Saturday, January 30, 1909 (Alinsky's birth)
To, Friday, August 4, 1961(Obama’s birth)

Result: 19,179 days

Or 52 years, 6 months, 5 days (see

You will notice that 19,179, which gives us the revolutionary year  1917, is 52 years, 6 months and 5 days. 52 is a variant of the number 7 (5+2 =7), and 6 + 5 = 11. 11-7-1917 is the complete date denoting the start of the Russian Soviet Socialist Revolution.


Now on December 31, 1905, 160 weeks (40 x 4 = 160) before Saul Alinsky’s birth, future pro-Soviet mentor of Barack Obama Frank Marshall Davis was born.  Born and raised in Arkansas City, Kansas Davis (a black communist poet and writer) became a community organizer and member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in Saul Alinsky’s Chicago on April 14, 1943 when he was 37 years old (37x12 =444) ; and in 1948 (at the suggestion of fellow black communist Paul Robeson) Davis moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to continue his subversive work. In the mid-1970s (the decade of Alinsky’s death ) Obama's grandfather Stanley Dunham introduced his grandson to Davis believing he’d make a good role model for him. Amazingly, Dunham and Davis lived some 50 miles apart in Kansas before migrating to Hawaii where they first met; and retracing Davis’s steps Obama become a community organizer in Chicago-Davis most likely inspired him in this.

Now here is where it gets profound as providence, I believe, has given us a certain sign that the 44th President of the United States is not just an Alinsky Stealth Socialist but FRANK DAVIS’S IDEOLOGICAL CLONE-and that Obama at heart (in reality and truth) is every bit the communist quack his black pro-Soviet mentor was.

For in 1943 when Davis joined the Chicago chapter of the CPUSA his membership number was 47544-a five digit number ending in 44 Obama’s presidency number.  But utterly mind-boggling is the fact that when Obama was sworn in as our 44th president he was exactly 47 years, 5 months and 16 days old (see note below). What is mind-boggling is that 47, the number of years, and 5, the number of months, exactly correspond to the first three digits of Davis’s Communist Party number. But it doesn’t end there. Amazingly, 16, the remaining number of days, is the square of 4 or 4 x 4 giving us two fours as in the doublet number 44.

You couldn’t ask for a more powerful numeric sign that US Communist Party member 47544 (the undisguised communist Frank Davis) given our system of checks and balances, would be governing much like his disciple Barack Obama (just as intransigently, arrogantly, immaturely and ineptly-but probably less timidly (more openly and honestly) if he were president 44


 Friday, August 4, 1961 (Obama's birth)
To, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 (Obama's election)

Result: 47 years, 5 months, 16 days (see)


Like Frank Davis Obama’s mother and father, Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., were both pro-Soviet communist haters of America like their son wanting to transform, socialize and replace  the system. Now as Dunham and Obama saw Russia not America as the truly exceptional nation and hope for the world fate, in late 1960, brought them together  in a Russian language class at Hawaii University where they fell in love. They married in February 1961 and their son Barack Jr was born six months later.

Now Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya in the significant and extraordinary year of 1936. This was significant in that, following Franklin Roosevelt, it anticipates his son’s reelection to a second term despite a bad economy; and is extraordinary for his being the father of the 44th president. I say this because the number 1936 is 44 squared, or 44 x 44  (see)-as if it were Obama Sr’s destiny to father the future, two term 44th US president.

Now there is nothing relevant to Barack Obama’s political destiny as our first cypto-communist president in his mother’s date of birth. But on the day his mother died, and the number of days separating her birth and death, something truly remarkable and relevant appears. For in the decade that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, exactly 3 years, 10 months and 12 days after it disappeared from history, Ann Dunham died on 11-7-1995-the 78th anniversary of the Russian Revolution-an amazing day for the mother of America’s first radical left Alinskyite president to die.

But just as amazing are the number of days separating Ann Dunham’s birth from her death; for these total to exactly 19336-a five digit number encoded with the year 19336 indicating the start of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency and the New Deal*, and 19(3)36 the year of FDR’s reelection with a bad economy and (as we saw above) the square of 44 (44x44) denoting her son’s presidency number.

*After Obama’s inauguration in 2009 the liberal media called him the “New FDR” with a “new New Deal” for America.

But there’s more.  From the day of Ann Dunham’s death (the 78th anniversary of the Russian Socialist Revolution) to her son’s election as 44th president was 4746 days. Another strange coincidence as Obama at age 46 seized his party’s nomination for president; and then won the presidency at age 47.


From: Sunday, November 29, 1942 (Dunham’s birth)
ToTuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham’s death)

Result: 19,336 days (see)


From: Tuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham's death)
ToTuesday, November 4, 2008 (Obama's election)

Result: 4746 days (see)


If the feeble, frail 99 year old Saul Alinsky had managed to survive the excitement and jubilation of Obama’s 2008 election and were still alive today he’d probably be on his death bed dying of grief at his epically failing disciple and the terrible mess he’s making of this country and the revolution. Six years into Obama’s radical left presidency and Alinsky would be miserable over the rising tide of failures, scandals, and crises overwhelming him  and the country: the economy, healthcare, border chaos, the VA, Benghazi and IRS scandals,  the rise of ISIS, Russian aggression, mass murder in Syria, Israel’s invasion of Gaza, etc . Indeed, with the progressive messiah losing his trust and credibility with the American people Alinsky would be sick unto death and frightened for the socialist future; frightened that he was wrong about his disciple; frightened he was the wrong man with the wrong stuff at the right time in history for seizing the revolutionary moment when building the omnipotent nanny state was possible.

Indeed,  Obama's falling painfully short of the transformational expectations that he raised as a candidate and president-elect; falling painfully short of the standard set by Alinsky himself for a revolutionary leader: the great charismatic personality who exudes confidence, power and vision; who enthralls the masses with his rhetoric and bends them to his will as  they eat out of his hand. For the mediocre Barack Obama is not such a man and could never be such a man: he’s charismatic light and a poor, ineffective speaker who projects an image of weakness, cluelessness, confusion, uncertainty and drift. By now Alinsky’s image of Obama, the fantasy view of a national and world social redeemer held by millions during the campaign, would be shattered as he fails every test of character and leadership and sinks like a stone in domestic and international esteem...with fewer and fewer people taking him seriously.

Indeed, by now Alinsky would be disillusioned with Obama and dying of grief; he’d be moaning that the revolution is imperiled and Obama, the Savior of Hope and Change, has become  its worst nightmare-setting back by generations all the progress that’s been made in radicalizing the government, the universities, the media and culture. No, Alinsky’s jubilation on Election Day would have evaporated by now as doubt and gloom set in that he’s lived his life in vain; and that his vision of a bloodless revolution in America is gone forever never to return ruined by Barack Obama who's causing  









  1. Obama is crashing and burning. But will Hillay rise from his ashes? If so then Alinskyism will continue in the White House.

    1. So she is interested in fundementally transforming the United States of America,no thanks been there done that

  2. APOLLO, You have truly outdone yourself on this one. It is an intelligent, and insightful look at this president and his goals, and his failures.
    You must have put in many hours on this one.
    Obama has done a lot of damage to this country, and brought us down fast. But because of this fall we have had, and all of the blunders you brought up, Americans are seeing him for what he really is. And you described him perfectly in the first part of your article.
    Thanks, keep it up.

  3. OUTSTANDING! You’re right Apollo. Alinsky would be puking his guts out at Obama and chocking to death on his vomit.

  4. The most original and unconventional thing I have read on Obama’s hidden socialist agenda. Thank God he’s failing.

  5. The Communist Pimp probably has Rules for Radicals on his desk to refer to daily, or maybe he has memorized the entire book.

  6. An army buddy of mine said this about Alinsky:Too bad someone did not direct him into the military as a young man. He could have made a pretty fine General.

  7. The uncanny correlation you discovered between Frank Davis’s CP number and the calendar time between Obama’s birth and his inaugural has got me completely freaked out-along with the rest of your inexplicable article.

  8. Some believe that Frank Marshall Davis fathered Barack Obama. But that is nonsense. What isn’t nonsense is what Apollo says that Obama is FMD’s communist clone.

  9. In the history of communist failures one of the greatest is Barack Hussein Obama. When he leaves this world Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Alinsky, Frank Davis, his mother, father and Mao will turn his afterlife into hell.

  10. The “Utopian Dream” of the Left is the enemy of the Good and must be descredited and destroyed. If Obama is doing that then his presidency is worth it.

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