During a segment on O'Reilly's No Spin Zone several weeks ago I learned that the citizens of Murfreesboro, Tennessee who are waging a well publicized court battle with the state to stop construction of a local supremacist mega mosque similar to the one at Ground Zero are doing so on the seemingly absurd grounds that "Islam is not a recognized religion covered by the First Amendment." Opposing the suit were Federal attorneys who offered legal proof in court that Murfreesboro was completely wrong and that Islam was indeed "a recognized religion entitled to constitutional protection" and that the charge that it wasn't "isn't supported by any authority whatsoever."
True enough. Despite the derogatory opinion held about Islam by Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and other freedom loving Founders (Islamophobes by today's PC standards, see) there are no recognized authorities in this country past or present who have challenged or denied Islam's status as a legitimate religion and way of worshiping God. But outside this country such an authority has emerged. 
Indeed, agreeing with the "ridiculous" anti-mosque opponents of Murfreesboro is the government of democratic liberal Italy. For the "religion of peace, justice and love" is not regarded as such by Italy's coalition of center-left/center-right ruling politicians. In fact, judging by Italy's modern, progressive, civilized, pluralistic, liberal standards, Islam, according to them, doesn't qualify as a legitimate religion. On the contrary, based on decades of experience with Italy's mostly hostile Moslem clergy and growing population, the Italian government views Islam unfavorably as a regressive, divisive, subversive, destabilizing force in Italian democratic life-i.e., as a source of tension, discord and social strife with nothing of value or worth to contribute to the greater good and well-being of Italian society.
 Now because Islam is seen as a threat to the peace and security of  society Italy's cabinet decided to send its leaders and believers a powerful message of censure and disapproval-in the hope, I assume, of waking them up and changing them for the better. Indeed, in a bill approved by the cabinet last summer (and expected to pass Parliament) Italy's mosques will be excluded from a revenue sharing program where .8% of the nation's income tax will be divided between all other faiths. Christian churches (Catholic, Protestant and Greek); Jewish synagogues (Reform, Conservative and Orthodox) and Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh temples will all receive an unequal portion of this revenue-with the Catholic Church (Italy's largest religion) getting the lion's share. But not one Lira or red Italian cent will go to any Islamic mosque or school.
The Mosque of Rome: The only officially recognized mosque in Italy where sermons of terror, hate and violence are preached against Russians, Jews and others (see).
This may seem unfair, racist, Islamophobic and discriminatory but not to Italy's political leaders who cite radical Imams preaching the poison of hatred, intolerance and supremacy in their mosques; who cite the practice of polygamy, wife beating, sexism and the failure of many of Italy's 1.5 million Moslems (1.9% of Italy's population) to learn Italian, westernize and integrate* into society.
 *See Muslims Offered Italian Values - IPS
Our Founding Fathers believed that LIBERTY was a gift from Almighty God-from a supremely wise, good and benevolent being-and that it is inseparable from moral virtue, righteousness and good citizenship; and they believed, and rightly so, that the best teacher of virtue (of knowing right from wrong to sustain a free republic) was religion. While teaching the values that undergird democracy may be true of most religions, and especially Judaism and Christianity, it is not true of Islam: a despotic militant, political and collectivist faith where the individual has no real dignity or worth; where he's a mere cog in the wheel of an all powerful religious state with no inherent rights or freedoms. Who must live for the greater good of an expansionist faith with unlimited aims endlessly at war with an unbelieving world until its subdued.
For Islam, a religion with a totalitarian political agenda and imperial mission to conquer the world, was developed by an authoritarian religious leader (a warrior and killing machine for God) who believed that God gave him a divine right to absolute rule and mastery over men. A religion of oppression, injustice and slavery worshipping a God of intolerance and hate is the Islamic faith as it came directly from the prophet Mohammed-which he rigorously practiced when he despotically ruled Medina regarded by most Moslems as the ideally good society for all mankind. Such a religion by its very nature is hostile to secular liberal societies and at war with God the Logos: a being of perfect intellect who created us in his image with mind and reason to discern right from wrong (with the aid of revelation) so we could live in freedom, justice and peace.
Indeed, the aim of true religion is to make us rational, just and good. To bring out the better angels of our nature. To make us fully human. But this is not the aim of Islam a religion of darkness, oppression and fear that keeps man in chains and crushes his individuality; that demands blind obedience to the teachings and deeds of an intolerant, murdering power obsessed prophet who killed those who questioned and  were critical of his "divine" authority. Don't think, just obey. Don't use your mind when deciding what is right and wrong; sacrifice it on the alter of blind faith; let the Koran (a book of war) be your brain; let it do all of your moral thinking and you shall be saved.
And such is the thinking of Italy's government about Islam and why they want it excluded from the revenue sharing program. For like the American  Founders cited above Italy's politicians view as legitimate only those religions that teach the values, principles, standards and ideals needed to form good citizens for a free, open and pluralistic society. And Islam (a religion of totalitarian political control and war) is not such a faith.
And this is why the government of Italy, the concerned citizens of Murfreesboro and this conservative writer cannot accept totalitarian, triumphalist, intolerant Islam as a religion compatible with democracy and a force for good and peace in the world. Until such time as Islam has a transformational moment and renounces its prophetic mission to subjugate and oppress the world it will remain the enemy of God, progress and freedom;  and the war of civilizations will continue until supremacist Islam is  crushed and defeated.


    1. Absolutely! The Italians aren’t Islamophobes. Like many European countries (and some Asian as well) they’re victims of jihad and Muslim hate for unbelievers.

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