What ultimately killed Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Why are they dead? I'll answer both questions with a question: If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were good, decent, law-abiding kids respectful of the law, authority and the property rights of others they'd be alive today on a productive path in life.
If Trayvon Martin hadn't been a drug abusing, gangsta-emulating, petty little racist thief, with a violent homophobic streak, he wouldn't have been suspended from school and sent by his divorced mother to briefly live with his father many miles away. If he was a good, decent, law-abiding kid Trayvon on the night of his death would have been in North Miami in complete safety, and not suspiciously walking the streets of Sanford's Twin Lakes Community high on drugs where he was spotted by a gun carrying George Zimmerman. Indeed, if Trayvon were a good kid and at Twin Lakes that fatal night he'd have done what was right and safely gone straight home as there was nothing to stop him or harm him. But instead sick, twisted, corrupt Trayvon ambushed the good, straight, heterosexual Mr. Zimmerman in a vicious sneak attack crazily thinking he was a homosexual predator out to rape him.
As for Michael Brown the evidence is stacking up that he was a 6 foot 4, 300 pound Trayvon Martin-equally lawless, reckless and out of control. It is inarguable that if Brown was a good, decent, law-abiding kid he would not have been at that convenience store on August 9th robbing it of cigarillos as if he were entitled to them-free stuff for the taking. It is inarguable that if Brown hadn't gone to that store when he did driven there by greed for loot and criminal fun he'd be very much alive today. It is inarguable that if Brown was a good, clean, decent kid he wouldn't have been walking illegally in the middle of a busy street where he was spotted by a cop (Darren Wilson) concerned for his safety and asked to use the sidewalk. It is inarguable that if Brown was respectful of authority and a credit to his community he wouldn't have defied Wilson and got into a fight punching his face and threatening his life then dying of gunshot wounds in what appears to be a Zimmerman-like self-defense shooting. Because Brown's strong armed robbery (a forcible felony) placed him on that street that fatal day, just as officer Wilson (a good clean cop) was driving by (responding to a 911 call from a sick man needing help) he is dead, his huge, intimidating, muscular, football body taking six bullets: four to the arm two to the head. Were the four shots to the arm fired first to stop the big violently charging brute, then failing that Wilson put two holes in his head? We shall know in due course. But one thing is clear: what ultimately killed Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were their bad characters, sick morality and the ruinous choices they made in life. Both young men were two stupid, depraved, teenage peas in a sick, black, cultural pod on a crooked path who proudly ran afoul of the law and were dispatched to the afterlife like many thousands of young violent punks, and many more to come.
Just learned from Rush that the cigars Brown stole from the store are normally used by potheads to roll gigantic joints. That makes Brown a drug abusing law-breaker like Martin.
Lawlessness is what ultimately sent Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to the grave. And lawlessness in the American black community is the worst it's been in our history. Why? Is racism and poverty the cause as the race obsessed left and race hustlers claim? Fact is there was more of both in the past and a lot less crime and lawlessness. It's the breakdown of morality and the traditional black family caused mostly by the destructive narcotic of liberal social welfare policies. The War on Poverty was a war on the black family-it was its Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And if you think I'm exaggerating just look at burnt out, broken, bankrupt Detroit the future of America unless we kill the mad, disproven, utopian dream of government created paradise.


  1. Anyone who doesn’t see that these two hooligans were ultimately responsible for their deaths from the bad choices they made has his head up his ass.

  2. One black man killed by a white man (Or “white hispanic”) riles up Obama and Holder far more than a thousand black men killed by other black men. This has become logically incontestable. They are both utterly depraved.

    1. ApolloSpeaks is named from a white Greek god worshipped by an ancient civilization that believed in the racial superiority of Greeks and practiced slavery-believing that nonGreeks were the natural slaves of Greeks.

          1. Every race at one time or another has been enslaved. Whites were enslaved by Muslims back in the 1700s. Whites came over to this country as slaves. They bought their freedom. Or worked their debt out for their freedom. Chinese were slaves and built the railroads in this country. Blacks have slaves to this day in Africa. Muslims have slaves to this day.
            Cry me a river for blacks that can’t get over it. It was long ago, and no one today had any part of it. Man up and pull yourselves up by the boot straps just as everyone else has done!!

    2. Anon
      What is racism is this knock out game, most recently a pregnant woman. Blacks are such cowards that they ride on bicycles, and strike people with a 2 by 4 and keep going, and another thing is to knee cap them with a pipe. Just because they are white. These cowards hit and run, or else they attack in gangs.
      Then they riot and loot when a white policeman shoots a thug and a thief that was attacking him, since the policeman was much smaller than he was.
      Perhaps whites will get enough and decide to strike back in volume. It won’t be pretty to watch when they do decide to play the race card.
      I advise you idiots to shut up for awhile and not add fuel to the fire. Cause you aint seen nothin’ yet if blacks continue this. Just because they have a half black in the white hut , and a black man in the non justice department doesn’t give them a right to go crazy, nor does it give them the right to have anything they want!!

  3. We don’t have all the facts on the actual shooting. But Apollo is right in concluding that Brown’s bad character and lawless ways are what ultimately got him killed.

  4. LMAO! The overly militarized Ferguson police have now been replaced by the National Guard. You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. There are two possibilities in the shooting death of Mike Brown…. one being that he was facing the cop with his hands up when shot, the other that he was charging the cop. I am sure that video from the police car could clear this up easily. Don’t all cop cars have cameras? where is the video. The car was facing the shot teen in the road. The video should clear it all up.

  6. You could be right Apollo. First came the arm wounds, then the head wounds. The first didn’t stop him as he was charging at the officer. Police are trained to shoot until the threat has been stopped. As each day goes on more evidence supports the police officers claim Michael Brown charged him and was the aggressor.

    1. Perhaps Mike Brown was so out of his mind on drugs that he hullucinated that he was playing in a football game.

  7. I need no convincing that it was Trayvon Martin who was confrontational with Zimmerman so was Brown with Officer Wilson. If Wilson’s charged with murder he’ll be acquitted just like Z.

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