for RACIAL JUSTICE is spreading like Ebola across the land from the racist, white-on-black killing of young Michael Brown-shot in the back as he was charging a policeman backwards puffing on a stolen cigar like a mad raging bull shouting "I surrender! I surrender!" as his head was up his ass. New Black Panther anarchists are threatening to burn down more black neighborhoods, trash more black businesses and worsen black joblessness and poverty if their demands go unmet: cradle to grave free everything, trillions to blacks in reparations for slavery and Michael Brown's death, and shooting one of Darren Wilson's kids square in the head so he knows how it feels to be a grieving parent. NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. It's endless war in the streets. Unless you concede.
This is reminiscent of another historic event: the HUNDRED CITY MARCH for Trayvon Martin that awed this country for months on end-when less than a 1000 people appeared (less than ten per leftist city) wearing hoodies with raised fists crying for revenge. The HUNDRED CITY MARCH was only the beginning. Pay up White America or BURN BABY BURN as Black America goes up in flames creating Detroits everywhere and welfare rolls grow exponentially adding to Obama's crushing debt-a plague on your children as we third world the land. 
For Michael, Trayvon and every black kid killed today by other blacks from Chicago to LA we must strike because WHITE RACISM, APARTHEID and the KKK (rolled up in the Tea Party Taliban) are pandemic again. YEAH!
They'll be hell to pay for those who dare say there's not a smidgen of racism in Michael Brown's
Mortal Mike Brown under the influence of very potent pot hallucinating that he was the invincible Hulk when he charged Darren Wilson only to end up thus


  1. Obama, not Holder, should be in Ferguson to hug the looters like he hugged Putin and the Moslem Brotherhood. Then they’ll be peace.

  2. Darren Wilson’s life is ruined. A good cop and decent man, just doing a hard job, a lot of us don’t want. He’s get’s the police radio call about a Strong Armed Robbery and he realizes he’s looking at the possible perps. The next thing he knows he’s in a fight for his life with a 6’4″ 300 pound Monster. We saw how Gentle Big Mike was on the Store Video. Not very. Bless you Darren Wilson. Good luck, cause the black racists and the Sharpton race baiters are looking for a sacrificial lamb for their blood lust. I hope you’re not it.

    1. Don’t assume Wilson’s life is ruined. He has a challenge ahead of him; and with God’s help (and our prayers) he will prevail.

      1. Officer Wilson deserves a Meritorious Service Award,
        for stopping a drugged up, assaultive thug, in his tracks.
        Nice shooting, job well done. My prayers are with him.

  3. — “Who Do We Want” —
    — How Do We Want Him” —
    ———— DEAD ———

    — “Who Do We Want” —
    — How Do We Want Him” —
    ———— DEAD ———

    — “Who Do We Want” —
    — How Do We Want Him” —
    ———— DEAD —

  4. Love your sarcasm Apollo. ” Not a smidgen of racism,” very clever.

    Blacks slaughtering blacks….A big Ho-Hum just another day in the Hood…….Blacks killing Whites…..No big deal, happens every day all across this Nation…….Whites killing Blacks……..BIG BIG DEAL …ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. These fools are stuck in the past.

    1. We’re 14 years into the 21st century but our 1960s born president and the Left are stuck in the racial resentments of the past. And they call themselves “progressives.” They are bankrupt, burnt out, in their End Time. Good riddence to them.

  5. This little thug has gone to meet his maker, and I am sure he isn’t happy at what his God is saying to him, or what is happening to him by God’s hand, and he certainly can’t push Him around like he did others, including the small store clerk or the police officer. Too late for him, he was a grown man and made the decision to be a druggy and a bully. I wish others would learn from this instead of carrying on his deeds, and calling for another death to a man that was doing his duty, defending himself and his community.

  6. This has just been released.

    Local St. Louis sources said Officer Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

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