On June 12, 1982 one million hysterical leftists fearing for their lives in a coming nuclear war with Russia flooded New York's Central Park calling on the United States to unilaterally freeze   its development of nuclear weapons as a first step toward bilateral nuclear disarmament with the Soviet Union. But despite the awesome size of the rally (the largest political gathering in US  history) the Nuclear Freeze Movement was facing an insurmountable obstacle that doomed it to failure: Ronald Wilson Reagan. Dismissing it as a movement of useful dupes and well-meaning fools Reagan went ahead with his plan to build up the US military, deploy Pershing and MX missiles in Europe (that millions rallied against over there) and add to and modernize our nuclear forces. Indeed, this and other factors broke and bankrupted the Soviet Union (as Gorbachev said) and ended the cold war-which wouldn't have happened had the freezers prevailed.

 Barack Obama warning the world at the UN Climate Summit that the dirty industrialization of developing nations must end-while lying that America is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions when. in fact, it's in 7th place.  This summit was a farce preceded by a Broadway circus of crackpowarmunist clowns.
Now 32 years later a smaller political rally in New York last week of 300,000 garbage spewing, eat-the-rich, hysterical, anti-fossil fuel warmunists marched down Broadway to advance the cause of "Climate Justice" on behalf of developing Third World states-whose rising emissions of heat trapping carbon from industrialization they fear will reach critical levels and eventually destroy the earth. But this time these gloom and doom leftists have an ally in the White House who shares their vision and is Reagan's polar opposite in practically everything. But like the fools of the failed Nuclear Freeze Movement the warmunists too are faced with an insurmountable obstacle (as formidable as Reagan) that guarantees their failure to stop, as Obama said at the UN, "the  dirty [catastrophic] energy phase of the developing world's industrialization." And that obstacle is $44 trillion. This gigantic sum of money, according to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the folks who predicted we'd be living in water world by now) is what it will cost America, Europe, Japan, and the rest of the wealthy industrialized world to transition Third World states (over a 35 year period) to clean, green energy economies (see).  

Now as a vehicle for achieving this world saving plan the UN in 2010 devised the Green Climate Fund (GCF) whose purpose is to finance clean energy projects in the developing world (see). But despite all the climate change hysteria at the UN (from its Secretary General on down), and countless speeches given by diplomats and heads of Western states warning about the looming carbon crisis, to date GCF has failed to get off  the ground. The fund, in fact, is   practically empty as the rich industrialized nations (the US included) have contributed pathetically very little capital to start it up. And it's no mystery why all the urgency and alarmism hasn't been translated into action: the industrialized world lacks the funds due to massive, crushing, unprecedented, debt (and no return on the money they spend as it all goes one way). This is worse than any foreign aid program.

Indeed, with America $17 trillion in the red and $80 trillion plus in unfunded entitlement liabilities, Japan with a staggering debt of 220% of GDP, and the EU struggling with Greece and four other bankrupt states the industrialized world has other priorities and can't transfer billions and trillions it doesn't have; or they simply refuse to make the investment because (with perhaps the exception of Obama) they hypocritically disbelieve that the crisis is real. In other words, while the rich industrialized states are reducing green house gas emissions they lack the funds or the will or both to reverse the "dangerous, dirty, world destroying," smokestack industrializing of the poorer developing world-an unresolvable dilemma for warmunists.

Carbon Dioxide - Not just an

What the bomb was to the freezers CO2 is to the warmunists; in other words, they regard CO2 with the same alarm freezers regarded the bomb-but have been far less successful than the freezers in communicating their fears to the world.

So from the warmunists' viewpoint humanity has reached the tipping point of no return. The dirty industrialization of the developing world-with arch-polluter China in the lead-is irreversible and dooming humanity to extinction. For the radical emergency measures needed for the rapid greening of developing economies (demanded by the warmunists to prevent Armageddon) is unfeasibly, financially, fiscally utopian; and no number of large protest marches or political rallies or Obama speeches or IPCC warnings are going to change that.

Truth is until solar panels, wind mills, electric cars and other green technologies are cost effective and competitive with the dirty fossil fuels they will continue to power the world adding hugely to the carbon load "polluting" the atmosphere. But before the transition is made from a dirty to a clean energy planet (which could take decades) the only extinction we will see are the climate change warmunists joining the nuclear freezers on the ash heap of leftist history where they belong.


The unbuilt GCF headquarters.
  WoopiAfter four years of broken promises to fund GCF seven European nations headed by France pledged $1.3 billion at the UN Summit last week. As $12 billion is needed to start up GCF unless other nations come up with the remaining $10.7 billion the pledge is as worthless as it's meaningless; and GCF will remain unfunded going nowhere. As the seven nations-France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic (who's the 7th?)-could have easily come up with the needed $12 billion it raises doubts about their seriousness. It also sends a signal to the warminists on how isolated, powerless and marginalized they are. They are nothing, have nothing, and can do nothing to implement their bankrupting, power grabbing, socialist agenda to stop the impossible: climate change.
Indeed, if the UN can't raise a measly $12 billion from its 200 members to start up GCF, and needs a staggering $44 trillion between now and 2050 to save the Earth from the cataclysmic effects of dirty Third World industrialization then we are certainly and irreversibly at the End Of Days-according to the doomsday    left........Read more.
China's industrialization going full steam ahead.


BTW, conspicuously absent from the UN Climate Summit were China and India the first and third worst carbon polluters on Earth. The world it seems is full of bad, greedy, climate change denying, carbon polluting actors ruining the planet and killing humanity's future, and what for? To industrialize their peoples out of extreme poverty and give them decent, good, productive    lives like we have in the West. Oh, the horror of it!




Contributions to Green Climate Fund alarmingly low - Friends of the earth international


The Green Climate Fund, or GCF , announced yesterday that countries had missed a deadline to provide the contributions needed for the Fund to begin allocating money to developing countries.

The Fund - which plays a key role in providing the financial resources needed to enable developing countries to move to low-emission and climate-resilient futures – received only US$ 4 billion equivalent in contributions by the 30 April 2015 deadline.

The US$ 4 billion represents only 42 percent of the amount that was committed during the Fund's initial pledging conference in 2014, while at least 50 percent of the funds, or US$ 4.7 billion, should have been legally committed in order for the GCF to be more




Much ado about nothing. I believe the Congress denied Obama the full amount as he has only donated $500 million to date (see).








  1. Hope springs eternal that the world is coming to an end if we don’t kill our economy and create massive poverty and misery. What a bunch of hopeless schmucks.Lucky for us they’re being discredited.

  2. OMG

    The UN needs $44 trillion to save the earth from CO2 and can’t raise a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of it? Where’s Obama on this? Does he even believe in it?

  3. Excellent! The left has gone from anti-Reagan alarmism to anti-fossil fuel alarmism. Just like in the 80s they’re failing again.

  4. Obama lied to the UN about the US leading the world in CO2 reduction? It would be bigger news if Obama finally told the truth about something, anything.

  5. I have lived through the coming of the new ice age, then the destruction of the ozone by air conditioners, and aerosol spray cans. The ice age never happened, and the ozone didn’t collapse, but closed on it’s own. These liberal nuts are always looking for the destruction of the earth by man, and it always finds new idiots to fill their bank accounts . They will never learn.

  6. Earlier I heard on Dennis Prager that the “warmunists” may be replacing the term “climate change” with “climate disruption” to link extreme weather events to AGW. This shows how desperate they are as “global warming” and “climate change” haven’t worked for them politically.

  7. Thought most of NYC was supposed to be under water and kids in Britain and Germany would never ever see another snow flake by 2012 per Gore and all the so-called climate global warming experts. All a pack of lies. In the 70’s it was all about the earth getting colder and we where headed for a deep freeze. New study makes the case that human activity has played a very little or no role in the warming of the northeast Pacific Ocean over the past century or for that matter the rest of the world, per even the liberal Los Angeles Times

  8. Great site! Great article! Best, clearest, most hard hitting analysis I’ve read on the political failure of the climate change movement.

  9. Yeah. The AGW movement is the nuclear freeze movement of today. But the “warmunists,” thank God, aren’t as good at scaremongering as the “freezers.”

    1. They’re not as good at it beacuse try as they may they can’t nmake CO2 emissions more frightening than a truly dangerous conflict between nuclear armed superpowers.

  10. This whole conversation is ludicrous as it is based on a lie. There is no man caused global warming. It is not now happening, it has never ever happened. Climate variations are absolutely normal as anyone who has ever looked at history can plainly see.

  11. I have a problem with the whole Climate Change debate. First it was Global Warming, and then we saw record cold winters in the US, so it became Climate Change. Secondly we keep hearing CO2 emissions as the cause, but no real science to back this up. We hear the North Pole is shinking, but we don’t hear the South Pole is growing.

    Around 400AD grapes grew in England and Belgium, and again today after 1500 years. Therefore the earth was warmer in the past, but we only have hard weather data for the last 150 years or so.

    Now take CO2, I find it hard to believe CO2 emissions caused the earth to warm in the fourth century. I have read articles that state CO2 levels in the atmosphere were higher thousands of years ago. This is evident in ice core samples taken in the arctic. In 2013 the UN released a study stating that CO2 levels had remained steady since the late 1990’s, so is it emissions?

    Yes the earth may be warming, but I have yet to see hard evidence that this is not a natural cycle and that it is definitely man made.

    1. Global warming happens; true. CO2 can contribute to it; true. But to shamelessly destroy reality and logic by demonizing a supercommon chemical compound as the “dirty” enemy of your cause is pure dogmatic anti-science. And to continue pretending CO2 is the problem reeks of an inability to admit being wrong.

      Ultimately that is what it comes down to. Lying and manipulation and closing debate out of fear of being wrong; something the left fears far more than any actual harm to the environment.

      1. CO2 is a stable chemical compound found extensively throughout the known universe involving 2 of the most common elements in the known universe. It is not a dirty evil enemy to be defeated by heroic government bureaucracies … it is a significant component of existence, and an even more significant necessity for life on this planet.

        And despite all that prevalence and necessity… it still comprises just 0.03% of our atmosphere. To pretend as if an increase in CO2 from 0.03% to 0.06% would devastate life on this planet is sheer utter anti-science lunacy.

  12. This article PROVES that the radical, fossil fuel hating, hysterical left has not just lost the battle but lost the war to “save the planet” from CO2 emissions.

  13. Apollo proves beyond doubt that Obama and the global warming nuts have no practical way to solve their imaginary crisis. What a clown show.

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