In his December 2011 interview on 60 Minutes Barack Obama (born the 4th of August and elected 44th president on November 4th) rated his presidency to Steve Kroft as the 4th greatest in American history (see).  And as you will see from the following long, impressive (by no means exhaustive) list of Obama's Titles or Attributes of Greatness he wasn't making a false claim born from narcissism, grandiosity or delusion.
 Great Amateur (bluffing and blundering his way on the world stage).
Great Dissembler ("In Obama We Distrust"-puts Tricky Dick Nixon to shame).
Great Blamer (can do no wrong-it's Bush's, Boehner's or do nothing Congress's fault).
Great Claimer (of other presidents' achievements).
Great Complainer (of Limbaugh, Hannity, the GOP and Fox).
Great Apologizer (for racist, warmongering, polluting America's undeserved greatness).
Great Appeaser (of America's victimized enemies and foes).
Great Islamophile (see no evil or jihad in Islam).
Great Decliner (ending America's undeserved greatness which makes us hated).
Great Retreater (creating a power vacuüm for China, Russia and Iran).
Great Droner (killing terrorists instead of Gitmoing them).
Great Leader From Behind (determined to be asinine).
Great Promise Breaker (no word is his bond).
Great Taxer (punishing success to make everyone poorer).
Great Spender (more of it cuts deficits through hocus pocus Keynesian  economics ).
Great Borrower (more and more and more debt will end debt).
Great Regulator (more government jobs and wealth for lawyers).
Great Intruder (government is your best friend).
Great Bankrupter (Grecifying our way to blood in the streets).
Great Sequesterer (the painfulest cuts are politically best for bashing tea party extremists).
Great Depressor (of productivity and the national spirit).
Great Stimulator (of the deficit and debt).
Great Auto Industry Savior (sub-prime loans boom car sales).
Great Healthcare Reformer (making a broken system sicker).
Great Teleprompticator (faking Reagan's eloquence).
Great Demagogue (lying and slimming for the Left).
Great Divider (creating A More Perfect Disunion).
 Great Demonizer (only devils oppose this angel in the flesh).
Great Class Warfarer (wealth causes the rich to death).
Great Fearmonger (replace one crisis with another until we get mass hysteria).
Great Hyper-Partisan (Dems are God's chosen party for building The Great Society).
Great Perpetual Campaigner (beats governing and leadership).
Great Celebrity Partier (the Michael Jackson of American Politics).
Great Food Stamper (welfare is an awesome job creator).
Great Government Supremacist (tax, spend, borrow, regulate, intrude until a perfected, classless, heaven on earth mass society is realized...with income, outcome and condition equalized)-And that would make him the
Great Equalizer, Messiah  and Transformer.
Surely these 37 Titles of Presidential Greatness earn Obama's face a place on Mt. Rushmore. Those who disagree are driven by racist hate and bigotry unwilling to see a Black American share this glorious monument with four white  men ....two of whom owned slaves.
Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, TR make room for Barack Hussein Obama your equal in everything.  Until then Mt. Rushmore is closed to the public a national disgrace of racist hate-a virtual politically incorrect crime scene.




  1. Libs are welcome to call Obama the greatest thing that happened to the world since Jesus, but please, I beg you, don’t destroy Mt. Rushmore.

  2. He will be reviled by history as one of the worst Presidents ever, certainly the worst since Jimmy Carter, who is widely recognized as the worst in a century, and he may yet surpass JC’s record of erroneous economic policies, erratic and misbegotten foreign policies, and profound failures as an executive and leader.

  3. Mock President Obama all you want, Apollo. He’s the greatest President in my 46 years – no one comes close! When you consider the 100% opposition from the GOP, especially once the Tea Party came into power, it’s really astonishing what this amazing man has managed to get done! For me, as a woman, I am especially thrilled with the addition of two fabulous women on the Supreme Court. In 2014 this great President will lead the way in taking back the House.

    1. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKIN’ ?Obama is the worst president in my long lifetime… worst than Carter, and that is going some.

      The Tea Party RULES… vote conservative 2014..

    2. Apollo

      The economy that Obama inherited from Bush was far worse than the economy Carter left Reagan. Not only did Obama’s stimulus policies end the Great Recession, but they prevented the economy from sliding into a tragic depression. Thank God for Obama. Without the jolt his stimulus gave to the economy things would be far worse.

    3. Was it the free Obama phones, the free food stamps the monthly welfare check the free contraceptives, the low cost housing, the free healthcare and medications, the free transportation to and from the free medical care??? Lady I will bet you have never worked or paid taxes in your lifetime .

  4. APOLLO,
    The only satire in this post, is Obama’s likeness with the greats on Mt. Rushmore.( that was hilarious) The rest was solid truth.

  5. Mount Rushmore?? You can’t be serious. Here’s a more fitting tribute:

    US Currency by President:

    One Dollar Bill……………George Washington
    Five Dollar Bill…………..Abe Lincoln
    Ten Dollar Bill……………Alexander Hamilton
    Fifty Dollar Bill………….Ulysses S Grant
    Hundred Dollar Bill……..Benjamin Franklin
    Food Stamp………………..Barack Obama

  6. Obama considers himelf great when he adds more people onto food stamps or welfare, or adds another taxpayer supported public sector job, or subsidizes green energy companies and closes coal plants – federal debt: 17,000,000,000,000 and counting. A great catastrophe lies ahead unless we stop.

  7. The words “greatness” and “Obama” should only be used in the same sentence in jest…as AS does here in his entertaining piece.

  8. “the Great Teleprompticator.” Never heard that one before. Also liked “The Michael Jackson of American Politics.” That too was original and very true. Like Jackson Obama lives in Never NeverLand.

  9. A terrific fun read. Some of it had me in stitches. Obama is delusional, as any narcissist worth his salt can be expected to be.

  10. This is downright hilarious. The Great Divider in Chief compared himself with Lincoln, the man who saved the Union? He even took his oath on Lincoln’s bible. Did he really think he’d fool us? Obama’s not good enough to shine Lincoln’s shoes.

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