"Don't mess with us," Putin warns Obama and the West, "we're a nuclear power (see)
Is the escalating conflict between the US and Russia headed toward the worst and most dangerous confrontation since the frightening Cuban Missile Crisis of 52 years ago? Is defiant Russian strongman Vladimir Putin willing to risk a military conflict or nuclear war with America and the West over the Ukraine-and other expansionist plans he surely has in mind?  With the Free World led by a weak, timid, gutless, confused US president who clearly lacks the intestinal strength to endure such a test it looks like a major crisis and clash are coming that Putin is confident of winning. Indeed, with Putin ignoring sanctions and having sent troops and tanks into East Ukraine to assist pro-Russian separatist forces-thus forcing the Ukrainian government to agree to a cease-fire with the loss of more land-Putin is on a roll consolidating his domestic power and wants to continue his land grabbing spree (see ).
JFK addressing nation during Cuban Missile Crisis.
Indeed, with the Russian people massively behind Putin and his vision of saving Russia and restoring its power and prestige (to reverse the collapse of the early 90s) it's beginning to look like the period preceding 1962 when an inexperienced JFK failed to win Khrushchev's respect and up went the Berlin Wall and nuclear missile silos in Cuba. But what's crucially different between now and then is that Barack Obama is no JFK-there's nothing of that ailing, strong, risk taking World War II hero inside him who learns from his mistakes and bounces back. Lacking the stomach for such a conflict it's unlikely Obama would face down Putin like Kennedy did Krushchev-and Putin knows it.
Nothing would please Putin more (and help his cause) than to reverse the humiliation Russia suffered when President Kennedy's wise, gutsy blockade of Cuba forced Khrushchev and the Soviets to backdown and remove the nukes they installed there close to our shores. Does anyone believe that Obama (laughably anointed the new JFK by the Kennedys) would have acted with the same resolve and daring? Putin certainly doesn't as he has turned Obama's foolish and ill-considered reset policy to improve US/Russian relations on its head to mean resetting Russia's borders one slice of Ukraine at a time. With a man in the White House who makes Neville Chamberlain look like a Churchillian bull dog Putin undoubetly is saying to himself that if it were 1962 and Obama were President instead of Kennedy Russian nukes might still be in Cuba. Do you see how dangerous this is?
Putin issuing warning after warning is now threatening retaliation (going beyond import bans) against America and Europe if sanctions aren't lifted. With oil prices collapsing Russia is hurting badly and a desperate Putin may resort to desperate measures to provoke the US into a conflict-which is the last thing that Barack Obama wants with so much on his plate. Will Putin be willing to go to DEFCON 2 as happened 52 years ago this month hoping to scare Obama and the EU into lifting the sanctions? I believe that he is (see).



  1. Russia gets 90% of its revenues from oil & gas, the prices for which are now tanking. Russia’s debt is now only one notch above junk status. Putin could very well put a nuclear gun to Obama’s head as a desperate measure as Apollo says.

    1. That’s right. “Increased U.S. production is helping to create an oil surplus on world markets, driving down prices despite a myriad of threats to oil supplies, and doing more to crush Russia’s economy than the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and European Union, said Chris Faulkner, chief executive of Breitling Energy.”

      Perhaps Russia and Iran will conspire to cause a crisis in the Middle East to boost oil prices.

  2. Drop in oil prices and sanctions are cleaning Putin’s clock. As economic hard times hit Russia and Putin’s popularity tanks he’s laible to do something very dramatic and dangerous, as Apollo says.

  3. I am the state

    – Louis XIV , 1664 (disputed)
    – Emperor Palpatine, “Star Wars Episode III”
    – Vladimir Putin, 2014

    He’s in good company.

  4. Putin is our enemy because he prohibits gay propaganda… But Saudia Arabia, which beheads gays, is our ally.

    Putin is our enemy because he armed the rebels who mistakenly brought down MH17… But Qatar and Turkey who openly fund ISIS are our allies.

    The US no longer has any credibility.

  5. The audacity of Putin. The dictator gave a 40 minute speech last week blasting our country for not being a “true democracy.” Even with a totalitarian minded commie in the White House we are still a true democracy flaws and all.

    1. Putin is just blowing off steam over the sanctions the US has imposed on his country with or without merit depending on ones view.

  6. Apollo is right: can anyone blame any enemy of USA for feeling superior and assured that they can take down USA with Obama at the helm??

  7. Vlad I trust you have the coordinates for all the golf courses frequented by a skinny Marxist POS with a permanent grin on his ugly face locked into your missile systems.

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