The Democrats' failed 'War on Poverty' is still failing - Boston
Poverty in America, or in any society, is something of a bottomless pit and can never be completely eliminated without a change of principles and moral values; it is a deep, dark, spiritual black hole that cannot be filled no matter how much money, resources and wealth are poured into it. This has been this nation's experience since the 1960s when Lyndon Johnson (radicalizing FDR's New Deal) launched his ill-fated "unconditional War on Poverty" whose impossible goal was to abolish this "evil" through wealth transfers, handouts and a plethora of anti-poverty programs*.
*FDR in his 1935 State of the Union warned against the destructive moral and spiritual effects of government dependency and relief programs...which LBJ completely ignored believing that government spending was key to ending poverty.
 Indeed, since Johnson started his well-meaning war the Federal and` state governments have spent a staggering $15 trillion in trying to vanquish poverty-the largest transfer of wealth from haves to have nots in human history. And what do we have to show for it? The poverty pit is no fuller today than it was back then; and we have the plague of social pathologies warned of by FDR..the ugly, depressing microcosm of which is bankrupt, broken Democrat Detroit, the welfare hell hole of the nation.
According to a study by the CATO Institute (see) the national poverty rate one year after Johnson started his ambitious programs was 14.7%. Today in 2013, after Barack Obama (the reckless community divider and agitator for the poor) has spent over $500 billion on food stamps, Obamaphones, welfare handouts and poverty programs, the poverty rate is over 16%, having risen from 14.3% when Obama took office (see).
Do you see what I mean about a bottomless pit? But despite the hard empirical evidence Obama and the Left insanely want to stay the course convinced that too little money has been spent and trillions more are needed to achieve the victory of poverty's unconditional defeat. Mentally stuck in the 1960s when he was born, and after 48 years of failure and $13 trillion spent and mostly wasted, Obama, hell-bent on trying failure all over again, has resurrected LBJ's disastrous War on Poverty, with the Affordable Care Act as the centerpiece of his crackpot scheme.
 What is the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) which has the country in turmoil (and killing Obama's approval rating) because of his colossal blunders and unstoppable, serial, credibility ruining lies? Simply put the ACA is DIVISIVE SOCIALIST CLASS WARFARE by health care means; it is warfare on behalf of those Americans living in poverty (the 16%) who can't afford health insurance against everyone else (the 84%) who can afford it...and are now being forced to subsidize them.
As Obama and the Left have repeatedly said, "In a country as wealthy as the US no one should be without health insurance." By "no one" of course they mean the poor and disadvantaged who can't afford insurance and are believed by the Left to have an absolute moral right to it (based on nothing but emotion and mindless bleeding for the poor as victims of some mysterious injustice, instead of their own poor values and lifestyle). Obamacare is specially designed to enrich the poor at a cost to everyone else regardless of the consequences to the weak economy and the plight of the middle class-whose declining fortunes Obama pledged to restore.
ACA is a huge, unprecedented wealth transfer program thinly disguised by our deceitful prez as health care heaven: better, less costly, higher quality health care for all Americans where no one loses and everyone wins-while bending the entitlement cost curve and saving the nation from fiscal ruin. But the 85% do lose and lose big as Obamacare hurts and penalizes them with higher premiums, deductibles and taxes for daring to have what low income folks "unfairly" lack and must have "if society is truly fair and just." And as for bending the bankrupting entitlement cost curve Obamacare is failing at that as well. From Obama's pledge to keep costs under $1 trillion that's now skyrocketed to $2.6 trillion and climbing.
 In short, Obamacare is class warfare, and a revival and continuation of LBJ's failed War on Poverty (its last hurrah), disguised as the solution to fix our broken health care system for the good of all-when it's just another transfer of America's wealth into a black hole that will make the nation (rich, poor and middle class) collectively poorer with everyone worse off. 


  1. This president is so moronic that he opposed Clinton’s welfare reform program, and would do so again if he could go back in time.

  2. To quote P.J. O’Rourke, “You can’t cure poverty by throwing money at it.”

    A reading of Parliment of Whores” is just as insightful today as when it was published.

    1. O’Rourke is a great satirist and libertarian mind. Parliament of Whores, Republican Party Reptile and Give War a Chance are three great reads. I would encourage anyone who reads ApolloSpeaks to pick up a copy of his stuff. It will definitely open your eyes. One caveat, if you are easily offended then you might not want to read his stuff. He can be pretty blunt. But so is Apollo.

  3. Apollo, poor people are defined in this chart as those who are living under a certain income bracket. People who are surviving on Mcjobs and food stamps are classified as “poor”. But…What is “poor” today? Do we have a car to take us to our Mcjob and pick up our food stamps, do we have a cell-phone and cable TV in our homes, do we have access to “free” health care and education, and if we do have these things, then we are rich beyond compare to the rest of the world.

    1. But think of how it would be today if NOT for the war on poverty! More good than harm was done. And Obama like LBJ will do more good than harm.

    2. Truth is America’s poor are wealthy in comparison to most of the poor around the world. Yet the libs still bellyache about the injustice of our society as if they live in utter squalor and degradation.

  4. Apollo, not only is Obamacare a massive class warfare transfer of wealth from have to have nots, but from young to old. What’s astounding is that the elderly are vastly wealthier than the young which shows just how screwed up this law is. The more the young learn about this law and what they’ll be paying the more they’ll hate it.

  5. A war on poverty, or trying to eliminate poverty is an action of futility. Matthew 26:11 , Jesus Christ said “For the poor you have always with you, but me ye have not always.”
    We are told to help the poor, and when the government wants to take that away from Christians, then they are making it hard for Christians to obey His requirements. And taking it from us in the way of taxes, isn’t us doing it with a free will. But forced, and therefore begrudged.
    I have found that anytime we try and make ourselves smarter than God, (I am speaking of the government) it does us no good, it always fails. People always suffer greatly, and either they turn back to Him, or the country falls.
    Look back in history, and you will see what I say is right.

    1. Yup. Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us. But I don’t quite think he meant the American type of poor. More like the poor man he was owning practically nothing.

  6. The majority of Americans are poor compared to our President and his family. We are poorer yet, compared to most members of Congress. These men and women we have elected to govern are not like the rest of us, they don’t know what it’s like to choose between the utility bill and groceries. Even so, it’s not their job or mandate to provide us with material goods. Their only job is to allow us to pursue our own path to prosperity without government interference.

  7. A lot of that depends on how you define poverty. I have been around a bit and I have seen poverty. I have seen poverty in China, Iraq, South Africa, and Kenya. Poverty that was so horrible that every fiber of your being begged you to avert your eyes. Don’t tell me there’s poverty in America. There isn’t.

    1. I’ve never seen the type of poverty you’ve seen Hank, but the slums of Juarez may come close. We saw people who lived in lean-tos made of cardboard with no electricity, indoor plumbing, or running water. I just know we’re blessed to be Americans.

      1. I so agree about us not being actually poor. Kings didn’t live as well in the past as we the poor do. Most of our poor are warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Most of our poor get aid from the government, or from churches. There is help on every side, and many teach a way to make a living.

        Yes indeed, kings would have loved to have warm palaces, and nice cool rooms in summer. They would have loved to have our doctors, even antibiotics that could have saved their lives, not bleeding their doctors did.
        I could go on and on, because the poor in this country are blessed, even more so than years ago here in the USA.

  8. Apollo,

    I couldn’t believe what you said about FDR warning in his 1935 State of the Union about the ill effects of government dependency. So I read through the speech and lo and behold I found this which everyone here should read:

    “A large proportion of these unemployed and their dependents have been forced on the relief rolls. The burden on the Federal Government has grown with great rapidity. We have here a human as well as an economic problem. When humane considerations are concerned, Americans give them precedence.

    The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is in violation of the traditions of America. Work must be found for able-bodied but destitute workers. It is in violation of the traditions of America. Work must be found for able-bodied but destitute workers.

    The Federal Government must and shall quit this business of relief. ”

    State of the Union Address: Franklin D. Roosevelt (January 4, 1935) | Infoplease.com

  9. Not only is Obamacare a transfer of wealth from haves to have nots. But from the young to senior citizens who have more wealth than the young. As more and more young people realize that their outrageously expensive premiums are designed to subsidize the old they will hate this law and want it repealed.

  10. I was quite young during FDR’s run as president.
    But I do know that we in this part of the country hated him. He paid farmers to not farm their land, but let it lay out. My uncle did this, and was shunned by many in our family. As hungry as people were here, it wasn’t funny to see land laying bare.
    We didn’t have news the way we do this day and age, so I don’t know if this is accurate or not. My mother told me that they dug up potatoes and left them to rot, and the hungry weren’t allowed to get them to eat, they were guarded to keep people out. This could have been a story passed around as true, I don’t know. I do know Mother believed it.

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