The State, worshiped by Liberals as an all-powerful terrestrial savior God, is failing to solve the looming global crisis of man-made catastrophic climate change on which depends the survival of the human race. 
Our compassionate, empathetic, save-the-world Warmunists who live in an agitated mental state of terrifying alarm fearing that humanity is destroying itself from its massively growing consumption of hydrocarbon (dirty) fuels, have, it appears, a huge, seemingly insoluble problem that should cause them to despair: $44 trillion. As I've written HERE , according to the the UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) we have a dangerously short window of 35 years to save the planet from Global Warming Armageddon: the man-caused melting of the polar ice caps which will deluge the Earth and turn into WATER WORLD-one vast, terrible, storm swept ocean where mankind (and all non-aquatic life) will perish drowning in a sea of death...becoming food for fishes and sharks.

 Now, according to the IPCC, to save the polar caps and prevent this world-ending catastrophe the sum of $44 trillion is needed. This, they believe, will reverse the dirty industrialization of Third World states, and transition them from dirty to clean energy economies. Unless this huge sum is paid by wealthy capitalist countries (who else?) our race is doomed to certain extinction with the blame falling on them. 


Thanx Nanna.

But despite all the tens and thousands of doomsday reports, studies and lectures from the IPCC, other UN agencies, universities and scientific groups the $44 trillion isn't being raised. To date, as I reported HERE, the organization set up to collect and apply the funds to green energy projects in developing states, The Green Climate Fund (GCF), hasn't raised a bloody earth-saving dime since its founding four years ago. In fact, GCF has failed so badly in its world saving mission that it lacks the pitifully small sum of $12 billion in start-up capital to build it's headquarters in South Korea, and offices around the world. To date France and six European countries have pledged (not given) a measly $1.3 billion-to which Obama recently pledged another $3 billion and Japan $1.3 billion (see). That leaves GCF $6.4 billion short to get the ball rolling organizationally and begin its greening of developing countries.

What's up with the rest of the world? Why isn't it responding to this crisis? Where is China?  Where's South Korea (where GCF is headquarted)? Where's Germany, England, Australia, Canada and other rich industrial states? The $6.4 billion is chump change to them. Why are they holding back these necessary funds when the world is in such existential peril? In short, where's the political will and humanity of the international community to save planet Earth?

 Could it be that the leaders of these rich capitalist countries are in reality CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS? That they don't say what they mean when they join the chorus of carbon crisis doomsayers warning about the cataclysmic dangers of heat trapping pollution? That underlying their inaction is scepticism about the consensus (the "settled science orthodoxy") the "fact" that water world is coming if we don't quickly act? How else can we explain this gap between political words and the lack of deeds but that most world leaders (Obama excluded) are climate change denying hypocrites?

 If climate change wipes out human and all non-aquatic life on Earth the evolution from fish to man will occur all over again.

  But hope springs eternal. All isn't lost. When the waters terrifyingly rise and humanity dies aquatic life will survive the catastrophe. And after millions of years when the waters recede and habitable land appears mammals will crawl out of the sea and evolution in time will generate a new human species. And Humanity II will start anew its journey to civilization and another Industrial Age fueled by dirty, stinking, polluting energy that God and plants gave us to use. Or perhaps human progress will take a different course using electric motors instead of the internal polluting combustion engine that's damning the world to destruction. 

 But in the meantime it is hopeless for Warmunists and their irreversibly failing cause. They've spent billions doing everything to educate and frighten the nations with their vision of a coming holocaust, but to little avail.  The obstacles to raising the $44 trillion from greedy, selfish, rich industrial states with their ignorant, indifferent, moronic populations (caring little for the collective global good of a clean energy future) are virtually insurmountable./sarc. Given the economic and political realities of the real world Warmunists have no practical solutions to avert the horrific end they fear and save mankind from its heedless, reckless, destructive use of deadly fossil fuels. 

With the failure of government to save the Earth God is the Warmunists' last best hope.

The apocalypse is approaching. Water world is near. But instead of sinking into abject depression and despair as a last resort Warmunists should turn their souls to Heaven and get religion, as their secular faith in human government has miserably failed them. Now that humanity’s nearly past the climate tipping point of no return, and everything’s been tried to stop the rising ocean tides, there’s nothing left but God to intervene in our atmosphere and keep it from overheating like an oven. Go to church, get religion and pray. When all seems lost Mr. Warmunist reach out to Heaven and try God for a change. Maybe he'll intervene and keep the world cool. As your politicians have failed you, you have nothing to lose but your government supremacist faith.




  1. There is not ONE climate computer model that has accurately connected CO2 to climate change. In fact CO2 is at its highest levels in 13,000 years and the earth hasn’t warmed in almost 18 years

    Antarctic ice pack at all time high.

    Arctic ice pack with record growth in last 2 years.

    Record-breaking cold, early snow and early Great Lake ice, etc. etc., throughout the U.S.

    Polar bears doing just fine.

    Droughts no more frequent than usual.

    Extreme weather like hurricanes no more frequent than usual.

    The seas have not risen.

  2. Apollo

    Obama vowed to contribute $3 billion from the U.S. Treasury to the United Nation’s Green Climate Fund doesn’t this spending need the aproval of Congress?

    1. Yes, it does. He wants Congress to approve it:

      Approve it, or ELSE. He will not approve a spending bill that does not include his wishes.

      “OK”, you might say, “SO WHAT?”

      So, Congress sends him a budget, which he refuses to sign; then he says CONGRESS shut down the government.

      He is essentially saying, “It’s MY way or the HIGHWAY!”.

      As far as I am concerned, shut it down. Don’t pay HIM or anybody else in the government until/unless he knuckles under. Too bad so sad.

  3. Yep. Makes total sense. Obama wants the “fix” the “climate” as the number one priority of his agenda. After all, the “climate” has been changing radically for a couple of hundred billion years on planet Earth long before homo sapiens entered the picture here at the last microsecond. What a schmuck.

  4. In researching the Green Climate Fund I’ve discovered that it was established in 2010 during the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico-when that part of Mexico was experiencing record low temperatures. Ain’t that a kick in the head.

  5. Apollo, there is no god. Only man can repair all the damage he’s done to the planet. Only we can save ourselves. No god is going to intervene and do it for us.

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