Reacting to the traitorous remarks on Obamacare by the "dirty, filthy, cowardly Jewish senator from New York" the Ministry of Obamaganda issued a statement Wednesday accusing the "miserable, subhuman, racist kike" of going "conservative," of having "illicit sex with a Tea Party member (who's warped his mind)" and "selfishly putting personal political survival above the national will, good of the Fatherland and health and well-being of the Under Class (future Master Class)."
The Ministry then went on to compare the senator's actions to his psychopathic namesake the murderous, sadistic, demon possesed, boy doll Chucky,
 and promised that the "mentally ill Zionist pig would be ousted from the party, beaten, tarred and feathered, and permanently disgraced." The Ministry then predicted that despite the senator's subversive betrayal,  Furher und President Adolf Hussein's National Socialist Medicine program would "out live him and his descendants, and have a glorious reign keeping the Under Class healthy for a thousand years."


  1. Schumer should be ashmed of himself. Obama has done so much for this country. His lack of appreciation is disgracing us Jews. LOL!

    1. Yeah. What’s wrong with this Jew. Obama saved us from a depression. Unemployment’s down to 5%. He put America back to work. He’s one of the immortals.

      1. You forgot to mention peace prize he won for turning the world into a “sea of tranquility.” Where would humanity be without him?

  2. Schumer can wrap himself in the Tea Party mantle all he wants, and criticize Obama’s policies as a mistake; he’s as much of a lawless lying scumbag as the sick POS in the White House.

  3. There is no doubt that what Schumer said is 100% true. That being said, he is one of the many democrats that have abdicated their responsibility and screwed the American people to further push their socialist agenda. Schumer knows full well that their agenda was no good for America but he didn’t know that the American people would turn against obama and the socialist democrats.

    1. Obama and the Dems thought the public would swallow what they crammed down their throats and let themselves be screwed over. What monumental arrogance and stupidity.

  4. Great humor, Apollo. Very great humor. You brought a smile to this old lady’s lips who recently lost her husband of 55 years.

    May you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Is Schumer’s break from Obama a sign that the Democrats are starting to move away from the extremists back to the old patriotic liberalism of FDR, Truman and JFK? I hope so.

    1. The very intuition I had when Obama won election in 2008; and confirmed 77 days later when Ted Kennedy at the inaugural collapsed from his LEFT-sided brain tumor within hours of Obama botching his Constitutional oath on the word “FAITHFULLY.”

  6. Schmucky Chuckie and the’RATS completely turned our country’s health care system upside down for 5% of registered voters. Only a small percentage of those pre-Obamacare uninsured are now insured under Obamacare and Obama claims it’s a success.

    1. Considering the $billions that have already been spent on the 5%, it would have been less expensive for the FED to provide direct insurance to the uninsured and leave all other private insurance alone.

  7. So where was Schumer with this great insight when the ACA was being discussed? When it was voted on? When did he get his grand epiphany?

    Someone needs to find videos of him swearing that if we didn’t pass the ACA that the world would end……..and then ask him why he was so wrong then, and so right now……..

    1. Schumer is wrong, not because he wants to clear the field for Hillary (he does) or because he is a generally useless tool of Wall Street (also true), but because he allowed the process of health care reform to be hijacked by Joe Lieberman, Max Baucus and Ben Nelson, all of whom demanded a corporate friendly, GOP-lite plan. Had he supported the promises of the President he would have worked hard for single payer, Medicare for all, and had it gone into effect in 2009, or the beginning of 2010, the whole Obamacare issue would have been moot. The Tea Party-GOP reaction would have been the same, but the benefits and results would have been obvious to even the most die hard Fox News addict

      1. Single payer? You mean what can’t get off the ground in tiny, liberal, Democrat Vermont due to its enormous (politically unfeasible) costs? If single payer can’t be made to work in a state of 500,000 people how could it work for 300 million? As for “Medicare For All” what good is that when “Medicare For Some” is going broke?

  8. Schumer knows that SCOTUS is going to kill Obamacare at the end of June 2015.

    He simply is getting ahead of other Liberals in dumping it…………..

  9. November 2015 will have been the Biblical seven lean years of turmoil and travail. How I long for the Spring blossoms of 2016, and the righteous harvest of its November!

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