If I had three sons they'd look like Eric Garner all in one.
In the aftermath of Obama's historic election in 2008 black America ("the suffering, grieving, embittered victims of racial injustice past and present") was in a state of utopian euphoria with expectations of a new start and a new age of progress raised sky high; not just because after 143 years since the end of the Civil War America had elected its first black president with the help of White voters (which seemed like a miracle given the country's "persistent racism") but because there was a feeling that social salvation at last was here; that with this Lincolnesque lawyer from Illinois in the White House they'd be a second emancipation of the American black man. That just as Lincoln freed blacks from slavery Obama would move mountains to free them from want, deprivation and poverty and leave no one (however small and insignificant) behind.
For this charismatic black man with the million dollar smile came from  Reverend Wright's ultra-racist black supremacist church; and that his concealed, unspoken belief in the racial superiority of blacks who've been treated so unfairly and criminally in this country would translate into giving them priority over other Americans. Indeed, when Obama spoke of national unity he really meant the unifying of black America  around the principle of equality with him as their messianic Moses finally leading them to the promised land of egalitarian good and plenty. When Obama's soaring rhetoric spoke of "fundamentally transforming America" he principally had blacks in mind-ending their poverty, degradation and misery for good through class warfare and greater government compassion and giving; righting all injustices and anti-black wrongs, and ending the inequality of classes through redistribution on a galactic scale-making millions of poor blacks rich as if Obama was their lottery ticket.
But what a cruel, tragic, abysmal disappointment Obama has been. After six disastrous years in office the messiah is in need of a savior as he has failed at practically everything (foreign and domestic) while pathetically playing the grieving victim like the millions of blacks he's let down who are worse off today (as he's worse off politically) than when he euphorically took office. And what does black America do? Do they seize the opportunity to look within at the collapse of family values, drug abuse, violence, disrespect for authority and other social ills that government can't fix? No. Black America tragically looks for scapegoats to savage and blame as the ground quakes beneath them and America grwos motre divided.
Indeed, first, under Obama, it was the white, racist, tea party obstructionists blocking his agenda to save black America; then it was racist, thieving, 1% white bankers and corporate heads growing richer off the poor black man; now these white devils are being replaced by a new demonic force that's racially tormenting and hurting them: brutal, racist, nazi-like policemen, and a black-hating criminal justice system that supports them, while black America does what? Lust for the blood of innocent white men; and turn black hoodlums, thugs and crooks into martyrs, saints and fallen heroes in a fictional struggle against a sinful nation regressing into white supremacy, or never having changed.
As scapegoating tea partiers, the rich, cops and courts isn't a remedy for anything conditions in the black community go from bad to worse daily; and this will continue until the suffering is so excruciatingly great that blacks will say "enough is enough with Liberalism and blame games!" and turn to conservatives for answers-because we have them. Conservatism will save black America; but not until it runs out of demons to scapegoat, and rids itself of worthless leaders like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the rest.


  1. I agree that the Black Community is in disarray. However it seems that Police brutality is not limited to the Blacks, but includes excessive force against Whites as well. It seems that the Police should take another approach to policing people who are committing minor crimes or infractions.

  2. I get very disgusted when blacks complain about slavery and racism.Without the help of our forefathers,who sold their kit and kins to the white business men,slavery would not have thrived.Also,other races like the jews were brutally enslaved at various times in history.So blacks should wake up.I also find many blacks very racist in nature.

  3. We should throw Obama out and replace him with Allen West.He is more Black than Obama and a good man on top of that

  4. I personally am tired of the whole thing. Blacks on the most part will never listen to reason. Their black Messiah speaks and to them the angels sing, and it is golden.
    Never mind that white Republicans fought to free them in the first place. Never mind that they are now slaves to the democrats. They are used each and every day. they are being used now by Obama and Holder to draw attention from other things they (Obama and Holder) are doing that is illegal. The whole world is watching the blacks and liberal whites make fools of themselves, while Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, and Val Jar make laws that will totally and completely ruin them for getting jobs for many years, as the illegals take their jobs, and hold the blacks in the slavery of democrats.
    Obama doesn’t have ONE drop of slave blood in him. He is half white, part Arab, and part African. No part of his ancestry was a slave. He is busy laughing up his sleeve at the ignorant that are aiding and abetting him. He is letting Holder and Sharpton do much of his dirty work, and they are experts.
    I am , as I said, tired of watching this sad, sad drama unfold, as they follow their “leaders” into a hellish future.

  5. So many of the successful liberal black pols and friends do not want the blacks to leave the plantation. This is one reason they are against charter schools and
    jobs(keystone pipe line etc).with so many of them unemployed maybe be they can go to colorado and washington and get in on the pot action and make some good money selling pot now that it is legal they will be rolling in dough and also pot.

  6. i do want to add something….I am 78 years old, my mother was 45 when I was born, she was the baby of a family of nine children.
    My grandfather DID fight in the civil war, to free these ingrates that now fight and destroy the people that have done nothing to them, and listen to other ingrates that have been brought to power by white people that have stood by them and always helped them. That helped them in schools, and have voted for them in many cases, and given to their coffers by the millions.
    Shame on them!!!

  7. Ironic-and I’m sure tough to swallow for any Lib-that black students actually narrowed the performance gap in the eight years under Bush, yet have fallen off considerably during the Obama admin. I’m sure these are numbers that have not been shared with the black community, or for that matter, the common core backers. Shame

  8. Despite the FACTS presented above, the overwhelming majority of blacks would still vote for the anti-American blackjerk again.

  9. Blacks will continue to support this idiot, because black people are the most racist group in America. They are also the stupidest.


    If things are getting worse in the Black Community it’s because racists like you are making it so and blaming it on the first Black President to discredit him.

    1. So we “racist deniers” are responsible for the millions of bad decisions and choices Afro-Americans make everyday along with the disastrous consequences? “What garbage,” as ozzy says.

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