Did EIT-torture morally degrade and stain interrogators and the nation? Or did it morally elevate and purify terrorist detainees?

If we lived in a perfectly civilized world (where everyone were angels and saints) they'd be no need for torture and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs). The duration of these practices for centuries is consistent with the real world of good and evil not being sufficiently civilized to dispense with them as tools used by good men in fighting wickedness and evil. Just as the tortuously painful amputation (lacking anesthesia) of a diseased limb to save the flesh from death justifies the agonizing experience so too can the reason for torture (its purpose and aim) be morally good, sound and sane . Indeed, torture that's used for good ends by good men in fighting evil and saving lives is good. How could it be otherwise? Torture that's used for evil ends by wicked men in fighting what's good and wanting to conquer or destroy it is utterly, totally, unambiguously evil.

Now the best argument for torturing hard, psychopathic, unrepentant terrorist killers suspected of having intelligence value in bomb plots and the like (where lives and property are at stake) is as follows: As the terrorists (like all human beings) are morally obligated to do what's good and right and cooperate with interrogators in divulging their critical, life saving secrets not doing so voluntarily justifies the use of coercive methods causing great discomfort and physical pain. What those  methods are, how often used and how painful will be determined by the terrorist's mental and emotional breaking point. If non-lethal, medically supervised techniques (EITs) fail to force the terrorist to relent and do what's right then morality dictates that harsher more painful methods be used. When the breaking point is reached and the terrorist talks (is in compliance with the overarching moral principle of saving innocent lives from injury or death) then torture ends. 

In answer to those who question the soundness and sanity of the above reasoning believing that using EIT-torture degrades us morally injuring our humanity, making us wicked, evil and barbarous like the terrorists we're hurting, got it completely wrong. For in forcing the terrorist against his evil will to comply with the high, overarching, moral principle of saving innocent human lives we are elevating him spiritually to our higher moral level-forcing him to do what is right, good and just-which is good for him and, more importantly, for the people saved and their loved ones and friends who would suffer grievously from their loss.

So in answer to the question: Did EIT-torture morally degrade and stain CIA interrogators and the nation? The answer is no. Did it morally elevate and purify terrorist detainees by forcing them to do what is right? Absolutely!




  1. AGREED! All torture isn’t equal. There is good torture and bad torture. Good torture does good. Bad torture does bad. Period!

  2. You people have lost your minds! Torture is never good. Never just. Never right. The end doesn’t justify the means. America used to stand for something. Now she’s as bad if not worse than her enemies. God help us.

  3. The same people who find torturing terrorists morally reprehensible, (remember these terrorists are people who are actively seeking to eliminate western society as we know it using whatever means possible), have no problem killing an unborn child, still in the womb, by sucking its brains out. That kind of torture is called partial birth abortion. Very strange. In our society torturing a terrorist is bad, but torturing an unborn human to end its life isn’t bad?

    1. Well said. Murder the totally innocent, by torture, but not a terrorist that blows the innocent up, and beheads children because they say they love Jesus. How strange the liberal mind works.

  4. Excellent article! The moral compliance of terrorists in saving lives seperates the EIT program from the sadistic torturing carried out by al Qaeda or ISIS on prisoners. It was a good program and it worked.

  5. I heard the other day on Mike Gallagher Josh Ernest tell ABC’s Jon Karl (speaking for Barack INSANE Obama) that even if the EITs were effective in preventing another 9/11 it wasn’t worth it.

  6. Memo to Dianne Feinstein:

    Terrorist caught; waterboarded; info obtained; terrorist put in prison.

    Drone attack; no info obtained; terrorist and “collateral damage” vaporized!

    Yeah, torture and imprisonment bad; vaporizing good!


    1. Diane Feinstein…to play the lead role in the reprisal of the movie ‘The Incredible Shrinking Woman’

      Fascinating to watch someone’s credibility disappear before our very eyes.

  7. The whole government lies to us daily, and this “torture report” is no exception. EITs did 0% good and 1000% harm? What idiot doesn’t see through this bullshit?

  8. If horrendus, atrocious crimes were committed against 9/11 detainees where are the indictments? Where the prosecutions? Who is going to jail? Put your money where your lies are, Sen. Frankenstein.

  9. When the left went bonkers over Abu Ghraib I put a pair of woman’s panties over my head expecting it to crush my brain. But I didn’t so much as get a headache. Could it be I put it on wrong?

  10. Obama: ” The report reinforces my long-held view that these harsh methods were not only inconsistent with our values as a nation, they did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts or our national security interests.”


    Yeah, what are YOUR values Obunghole? Your values limit you to lying compulsively , being lawless and oppressing your own countrymen.

    There will be repercussions!

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