Obamacare, as I pointed out HERE, is divisive, coercive , socialist class warfare by health care means subsidizing health insurance for 50 million poor Americans by deceptively taxing everyone else under the guise of cheaper, better quality health insurance for all-where everyone wins and no one loses. It is a massive, fraudulent, centralized, government-run, wealth redistribution scheme that was doomed to fail from the start like all such freedom killing, wealth destroying, command and control experiments sush as the greatest failed socialist experiment of all: the old Soviet Union. Born on November 7, 1917 the Soviet Socialist Republic endured 74 horrific years of oppression, corruption, mass poverty, starvation, and death until its bankruptcy and dissolution on December 26, 1991-a great day in the history of freedom. 
But from this epically failed socialist experiment (that Russia after 22 years is still struggling to recover from) Barack Obama and the radical American Left have learned nothing. Blinded by celestial visions of social welfare utopia with government perfecting the social order in a classless society of equalized wealth the American Left repeats in different ways the same foolish statist mistakes made numerous times in the past until they totally wreck what they set out to perfect. And this is what the socialist Left with Obamacare is doing to our health care system, as is now evident from the worsening, predictable, unfolding chaos.
That the Affordable Care Act (Obama's More Perfect Healthcare Union) was a mask for a totalitarian government-run healthcare system like the Soviet model; and, like the Soviet state, would likely end up on the ash heap of socialist history, was perhaps providentially indicated by its legislative roots in 2009; this was when Obama and his party, defying the will of the American people who opposed Obamacare 60/40, put healthcare reform above fixing the economy because it was vitally more important to their power grabbing agenda. This is what I mean:
The sweeping healthcare reform bill Barack Obama signed into law in March 2010 was rooted in the more radical "Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962)" that passed the House four months earlier. The AHCAA wasn't more radical in its overarching goal of totally, centralized, command and control socialized medicine but in the means of getting there. This is because unlike the Affordable Care Act AHCAA included a "public option" for government health insurance as an alternative to private insurance...which was designed to more quickly eliminate the "greedy, per profit" private insurance industry until the Federal Government was all that was left of healthcare insurance in this country. But look at this:
The AHCAA (with its hidden, disastrous Soviet-like goal) was first proposed to the House on the ominous date October 29, 2009: the 80th anniversary of "Black Tuesday" when in 1929 the stock market crashed triggering the Great Depression. There couldn't be a worse warning sign that Obamacare would crash the US healthcare system like the Great Depression nearly wrecked the US economy leaving the nation in a state of healthcare depression and crisis-where we're now headed.
But it gets worse. In a nearly party line vote-with one lone Republican joining 119 Democrats (see postscript)- the Democrat led House passed the bill nine days later on November 7th, the 92nd anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Was the passage of the bill by social democrats on this significant date in socialist history by happenstance? Or by Providence? By the intervention of a Higher Power reminding us what Secular Progressivism is: that it deifies imperfect human government giving it God-like transformational powers to work historic social miracles.
Indeed, the date November 7th was, I believe, a providential warning that Obamacare would be another big government debacle, that it would be to the US healthcare system what the Russian Revolution was to Czarist Russia: not its reform and improvement but its revolutionary overthrow replacing a flawed system with something worse: a radically different top down. totalitarian, command structure of ruinous, oppressive, centralized government control causing rationing, scarcity, long waiting lines and worse health care...except for the very rich and politically powerful.
In other words, contrary to the (deceptive) presence of free market elements in Obamacare (private health insurance companies still exist but as virtual public utilities doomed to bankruptcy and extinction) it is designed to eliminate them until the US health care system resembles or replicates the failed Soviet socialist model. This was the warning of HR 3962, and why Obamacare must be killed.
Rep. Joseph Cao refugee from Ho Chi Minh's Communist nightmare votes for socialized medicine.
The lone turncoat Republican to vote for HR 3962 was Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana. Cao, a 1960s born Vietnamese American whose family fled the brutal Communist conquest of South Vietnam, had apparently learned nothing from the catastrophic failure of the socialist system that ruined his native land-until it was redeemed and made to thrive by free market capitalism.
If the above piece sounds familiar to some of you it's because it is based on an article I published on Townhall on November 9, 2009 called "Obamacare, The Russian Revolution  And Totalitarian Medicine."


  1. It’s as David Horowitz says: “In every liberal there’s a totalitarian dying to get out.” Obamacare is a path to totalitarian medicine.

  2. Obama is a full fledged socialist from the same mold as Stalin, Kruschev and Mao.
    He knows exactly what is best for the peasantry while he and his cohorts live like royalty.

    He just overestimated his ability to steamroller congress and the American people.

    1. The Alinsky-ites’ target is the middle class.

      Elites and the poor prosper while the middle suffers hardship under the socialist nightmare-in-chief .

  3. I don’t expect Obama’s setback on Obamacare to slow down the pursuit of his socialist utopia at all. I believe he will just become P.O.’d and more determined than ever to push his radical agenda on America no matter what Americans want or don’t want. Like any socialist Obama knows best what’s best for us “gun clinging Bible believing”fools.

  4. Terrific article, Apollo.

    America is not venturing into some new, uncharted, endeavor here (per global history) with Obama. Don’t just look at the old Soviet Union; also look at the European Union, Greece, Venezuela, etc. It doesn’t take a PHD of history to see the path we are headed down.

  5. Come on guys. Obama is no more Communist or Socialist than tea partiers are racist or Nazis. Obama’s a Left leaning Democratic centrist like Juan Williams and Geraldo at Fox.

    1. Does Juan and Geraldo want to “fundamentally transform” America F&F? Those are the words of a radical not a moderate.

      1. I admit at times Obama sounds like a radical. But talk is one thing, doing another. When it comes to governing he’s been a center-left moderate, not too distant from Ike.

        1. No way that Ike would have abandoned Mubarak and the Egyptian military for the violent, radical Muslim Brotherhood; or supported gay marriage or open homosexuality in the military; or proposed $trillion deficits; or signed into law an $860 billion stimulus and $2.6 trillion Obamacare. These were radical measures not moderate.

        2. What’s “Fair & Balanced” about comparing an incompetent socialist like Obama to one of the great generals and presidents of US history?

        3. Rubish. Eisenhower would never have enlarged the welfare state, and spread the poison of government dependency, like Obama is doing…especially at a time of massive deficits and debt when the nation is on an unsustainable fiscal course. In word and deed Obama is a radical, reckless, socialist loon; and the disastrous consequences of his wrongheaded policies and God awful leadership are catching up to him and bringing him down-as I predicted they would.

          1. Ha! FYI Apollo Eisenhower started the Dept. of Health, Education and WELFARE in 1953. Like I said there’s a lot less separating the two men than most people think. The one was a right leaning moderate, the other was center left.

            1. You’re conflating Eisenhower’s consolidation of different government departments into one agency (HEW) with the expansion of the welfare state which he didn’t do. If Eisenhower were alive he’d join with his party in opposition to Obama and his reckless welfare, taxation, regulatory and spending policies.

        4. Eisenhower would be appalled at Obama’s welfare policies. A record number of people (one in seven or 23 million households) are on food stamps; and a record number of people (11 million) are on disability. Obama’s policies will do a great job keeping those on the bottom trapped there.

  6. If Obama were a communist or full blown socialist how come we still have an economy that’s more private than public? That the former is much larger than the latter proves that these charges of socialism are damn tea party lies.

    1. A country whose economy is more public than private is socialist — such as France, where 57% of GDP is government spending.Under Obama US government spending has topped 40% of GDP, the highest since World War II when it topped 50% because the country fighting for its survival was turned into one huge arms production factory. In other words, under Obama the public sector is the largest it’s been since WWII, and at anytime before. And if it weren’t for the GOP led House Obama and the Dems would have no restraints on public spending and our economy like France’s would be socialist.

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