Over the years many have wondered and asked the question: What's the deal  with Obama's purple lips? How did he get them? As photos of the younger man reveal (see above) Obama wasn't born with them. Then why does he have  them? Many explanations have been offered, for example: some have speculated that they are due to his chain-smoking of cigarettes (a habit he allegedly gave up), or the smoking of Purple Haze (a strain of marijuana made famous by the Jimi Hendrix song). Others attribute it to asthma, or to a medical condition known as Cyanosis: this causes discoloration and bluing of the skin due to poor blood circulation or lack of oxygen. Still others say that Obama's lips are stained from drinking too much red wine, grape flavored Kool Aid, or from simply eating beets, red beans and purple skinned potatoes....which Obama is said to consume in large amounts. 


Smoking, disease, red wine, beets none of these satisfactorily explain the mystery of Obama's purple lips in my view. In fact, the answer is so obvious it surprises me that no right-winger after these last six disastrous years of Obamunism got it. For the secret of Obama's lips is a daily ideological ritual that he performs first thing every morning when he wakes. For as soon as he jumps out of bed  he walks over to THIS and on hands and knees presses it to his lips kissing it for five long minutes. That would do the trick. No?


Obama's lips are not those of a healthy man. Either he's sick with a physical disease as some believe; or the disease is the infantile mental disorder of socialism with the daily torrent of red lies shooting from his lips turning them purple from the friction-the latest fib being the lifting of sanctions on communist Cuba for the cause of democracy and freedom. Be that as it may, Obama's moving lips have wrecked considerable political   hovac on the Democrat liberal left. For


I was told by a friend, a nurse at Beth Israel in New York, that if Obama's condition goes untreated our first black prez could  turn into  our first blue prez.  In other words from a politically blue Dem he'll become a physically blue and depressed Dem-especially if his party should lose the White House in 2016.


  1. Could it be that Obama’s purple commie lips are linked to his sore throat and that there’s something terminally wrong with him?

  2. I may be totally wrong, but this man looks ill. He is getting thinner and thinner, and his face has become boney and haggard. I know he wore tons of make up while running the first time, but not enough to cover the way he looks now.
    Either he kept his hair dyed then, or is coloring it white now, if it isn’t brought about by illness. Because he hasn’t worried about this country enough in his almost seven years, to have had his hair turn white. He has deep lines in his face, and the skin is thin (no pun). Maybe HIV?

    1. You’re not wrong. Obama is a sick man with a sick soul in a sick body wearing himself down to the bone. I don’t see him lasting very long.

          1. I hope that before Obama turns 54 he changes course on domestic and foreign policy, and does what is right for America. If not and he dies I wouldn’t shed a tear and thank God that he’s gone.

  3. Apollo made mention of Cyanosis in his piece. This is what I found on the disease.

    Symptoms of Cyanosis

    Cyanosis is a medical condition that causes discoloration and bluing of the skin and membranes. Linked to lack of oxygen, cyanosis may be attributed to underlying lung or breathing problems. Often seen in infants with birth defects or lung problems, cyanosis also affects the elderly.

    The first physical symptom of cyanosis is a bluish cast on the fingernails, lips, capillaries, veins and tongue. Cyanosis, in many cases, is linked to a serious underlying disease.

    The following serious diseases or conditions may be causing cyanosis, or bluing of the lips:

    Heart disease
    Heart failure
    Lung disease
    Myocardial infarction
    Pulmonary embolism
    Chronic bronchitis
    Abnormal hemoglobin levels
    Heart valve disease
    Unless the cause of bluing lips can be attributed to cold or frigid temperatures, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and diagnosis to rule out any of these serious conditions.

    1. You mentioned veins, or capillaries. I have noticed that the veins in his temples bulge in an inordinate manner.
      You and Apollo may have hit on the thing that is wrong with him, but whatever it is, it isn’t being kind to him.

  4. could the purple lip coloring come from what radiologists call “cocaine heart”?.. a problem that affects the heart adversely from many years of cocaine use. also there is a form of emphysema brought on by smoking marijuana and we know he has been a habitual user since adolescence. HE ALSO COULD BE IN THE BEGINNING STAGES OF THE “WASTING PROCESS” FROM HIV/AIDS from his homosexual habits? I wonder about the voting habits and herd mentality when something new is presented to them.. am I one of the few who did their homework about this person–the worst thing to ever happen to AMERICA?

  5. Nanna – Your daughter may very well be correct Obama’s/Osama’s bluish-tinted lips. What is it that Osama and Obama have in common (besides their names being ‘off’ by one letter)?

    Answer: Both Osama and Obama are of Arab descent.

  6. It is no coincidence that Obama and Osama have only one letter different. Obama is evil as was Osama. Obama seems to be getting ready to destroy the American people, in a new and different way. Americans are just going to sit back and allow it to happen, it seems. Anyone who is a drain on the American economy is going to be eliminated and put in a Tupperware container. Yes, I believe this horrible fact. Are you ready to die ?? It doesn’t matter much to me. I am 68, and in poor health. Yes, Obama set out to ‘fundamentally’ change the United States. Watch out friends. They are coming to get us.

  7. His purple lips are his legacy. But you mustn’t forget about his blue gums. What a fucking joke he is to represent the United States of America. I’m so glad that the Donald is the one that is making him pack his shit and get the fuck out of the White House. When the Donald evicts him and kicks him out of the White House he’s going to tell him your fired purple lip, Blue Gum. Now go back to Africa since you love it so much! Even though you’re not an African American!!

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