It seems that the heavens gave us warning about this years ago when on February 10, 2009 (21 days into the Obama presidency, and three after the Munich Security Conference (city of tragic, war-causing appeasement where Biden announced the new administration's ill-fated US-Russia reset policy) US and Russian satellites collided in space above the frozen wastelands of Siberia foreshadowing the freezing and collapse of US-Russian relations and the dawn of a new Cold War. What seemed like a freak accident at the time was an ominous sign warning of things to come-a consequence of Obama's ideology, inexperience, weakness, immaturity and appeasement mentality. Is the damaging and freezing of US-Russian relations over Syria prelude to a violent clash and confrontation signified by the destruction of the two satellites? Or is Syria prelude to something worse? 

Posted on Townhall 2-16-09 

 The unprecedented, disastrous collision of a U.S. commercial and a defunct Russian military satellite on Tuesday, February 10th, 490 miles above Siberia, came just three days after Joe Biden was in Munich (symbolic of naïve, dangerous, tragic appeasement) ominously announcing the "resetting" of US/Russian relations; and seven days after Iran entered the space age with the launching of a harmless, peaceful communications satellite (so we are told) called Omid or Hope-to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the militant Iranian revolution.....which calls for the global conquest of Islamic peace and the death of America and Israel. Tuesday, the 3rd day of the week, was dedicated by the Romans to the war god Mars and may be part of a larger warning that this heavenly catastrophe foreshadows a terrestrial clash between Russia and the U.S. stemming from dangerous Chamberlain-like appeasement policies (a certainty with this president) and strategic issues like missile deployment in Eastern Europe, or Ukrainian independence, or Russia aiding Iran in its quest for the bomb (with the sale of nuclear technology and expertise). This should surprise no one as a nuclear armed Iran would be a strategic asset to Russia in its quest to control the world's energy supplies in Central Asia and the Middle East. We should have no illusions: Russia and Iran are allies in evil for hurting US and Western interests, and attempting to appease either will fail.


Will evidence turn up of Russian collusion in Iran's illicit nuclear program? Could this be Obama's first major test in foreign policy? Or will the two countries collide over some other issues like Russia's sale of advanced weapons systems to Iran, or naval exercises in the Caribbean with benevolent dictator Benito Chavez who dreams of ruling Central and South America? Will there be a disastrous collision at sea as there was in space with U.S. and Russian warships firing on each other and escalating world tensions? Will we go to Defcon 4 as we did in the nerve-racking days of the Cuban Missile Crisis when the superpowers were on the precipice of nuclear war? These look like ominous signs foretelling the worst if this president is weak with Vladimir Putin.  

Posted on Townhall 2-11-09
The administration of Neville Barack Obama Chamberlain launched a bold new era of U.S. diplomacy at Munich last week when gaffing VP Joe Biden told the Chancellor of Germany-one day after A.Q. (Atomic) Khan's release from house arrest in Pakistan-that the U.S. "will be willing to talk" to the Jew-hating, Holocaust denying, genocidal Islamonazis of Iran (one of A. Q. Khan's former nuclear clients). Do you not see the awful irony and the gathering danger of conflict and war due to US weakness and presidential folly?
Keep in mind this is the same Joe Biden who opposed Ronald Reagan's military buildup and missile deployment in Europe (which spent the Soviets into bankruptcy); and supported the moronic Nuclear Freeze Movement which wanted to halt the modernization of our strategic nuclear forces that were in serious disrepair.
Just as bad, if not worse and more deadly, this is the same Joe Biden who opposed the Gulf War in 1991 which, if he'd gotten his way, would have allowed Saddam Hussein to annex Kuwait and build the ultimate weapon of terror and death: an arsenal stockpiled with nuclear bombs. Indeed, if Biden had gotten his way Saddam today would likely be the Joseph Stalin of the Middle East, the nuclear armed hegemon of the region, with his crazy son Uday heir to his throne of butchery, terror and death. Glad that they're gone.
Amazingly, Biden's feeble Munich meeting-where he announced a "reset" in policy toward neo-imperial resurgent America-hating Russia and listed (Islamic) extremism (meaning global jihad and terrorism) as a lesser danger than global warming-took place on February 7th. What is interesting and ominous in this date is that it's the 38th day of the year bringing to mind the 38th year of the 20th century, the year of the infamous Munich Peace Conference where Hitler turned Neville Chamberlain into one of history's biggest fools and the world into an inferno of terror, death and war. Watch for our weak, inexperienced Appeaser-In-Chief, and his secretary of state (the wife of the president who gave us 9/11), reset the stage for a clash with Putin's Russia-and worsen the rift in US/Moslem relations by using appeasement, accommodation and abasement to fix it. Watch Obama turn himself into one of the least respected, least feared, most contemptible presidents in our history, and make the world a more dangerous place for justice, individual rights and liberty.

It is of the utmost importance to note that four days before the Munich Conference on February 3rd nuclear Iran entered the space age by launching their first satellite into orbit. The proximity of this event with the Munich Conference doesn't bode well for US efforts to stop Iran's undeclared nuclear weapons and ICBM programs. it suggests that if a deal is struck to stop Iran it will be no more respected by the mullahs than Hitler's peace deal with Obama's lasting regret.


"It was a dangerous delusion and gambol from the start. For (as I said before) on the day that Joe Biden first announced to the world that resetting relations with Russia would receive the highest priority with the new administration he was at a security conference in Munich 70 years after Chamberlain (in that very city) made the fatal mistake of believing that Hitler was an appeaseable peace partner and statesman. Then, as I've noted before, coming three days after Munich was a startling sign in the heavens with the unprecedented, catastrophic collision of a US and Russian satellite over frozen Siberia-prefiguring the coming clash on earth. Oddly that clash over Russia's war on the Ukraine has extended into space with Putin banning America access to his country's space station (and baring Russian rockets from launching US military satellites)   in retaliation for punitive sanctions (see). Amazing, isn't it? 


  1. WTF has the blunderer Obama and his crew of idiots gotten our country into now?

    If his actions didn’t have the possibility of GRAVE consequences for our military servicemen & women, his buffoonery would be funny.

  2. Obama has become a trigger-happy community organizer with a bruised ego needing to prove he’s as tough as Putin. Very dangerous.

  3. Is Obama willing to risk a regional conflict or WWIII to protect his credibility? Maybe, but I would hope that the congress will not be willing to take this insane risk. Just one miscalculation it’s disaster time.

  4. This is a perfect example of why Obama is such an absolutely incompetent, ineffective and feckless leader.

    This is the real world, as opposed to the academic little bubble world he and his yes men and sycophants live in.

    If he intended to attack Syria, he should have done it immediately when support was high and Assad and his allies, especially Russia, were caught off guard and unprepared.

    By the time this dithering idiot actually acts, Assad will have protected his assets with an American attack in mind; the Russians could have moved all of their assets to counter ours and could upgrade Assad’s air defense systems .

  5. The bamster’s job is to screw things up and sabotage the country so royally it will never recover. He was hired to leave a unrepairable disaster in his wake, deplete the treasury, crush industry, humiliate the military, foment class and race hatred, and put the citizenry in perpetual bondage to the parasite class. And so far he’s done an exemplary job.

  6. Fascinating post, Apollo. Cold War fever is in the air. Obama simply has no idea what the consequences of his little adventure will be. Quite frankly, this is a golden opportunity for Putin to exploit: a confrontation wherein the U.S. has no real international support and Obama lacks the balls to act, or act feebly. Putin’s holding the cards on this one.

  7. Kind of makes you wonder how much of this stuff is real and how much is Kabuki Theater.

    It occurs to me that the current situation pretty gives the Russians a blank check to cut a sweet deal, strictly on their terms, with Assad with regards to Natural Gas developments in Syria.

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